My interest in fashion Essay

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My interest in fashion

I have always been passionate about fashion. My interest in fashion led me to pursue my Bachelors in Fashion Design from Pearl Academy of Fashion in Delhi, affiliated to Nottingham Trent University in UK. I was one of the top students of my class and was given an award for the best portfolio of garments.

During the course I got an opportunity for intern at Ritu garments. It was here that I developed a keen interest in Fashion Styling. After a lot of research, I found that Birmingham City University in UK was offering the course that best fit my requirements.

My prime concern with any course I chose to undertake is that the programme should enable me to nurture my professional and technical skills alongside creative and conceptual initiatives through practical and theoretical assignments. I found MA in Fashion Styling in Birmingham City University to be the perfect course.

I wish to handle wide spectrum of styling assignments from re-vamping a celebrity’s image or styling them accompanied by styling for magazine photo shoot and design campaign for it as well and in the future work towards being a successful Fashion stylist.

I would like to have more in depth look at the rise of fashion stylist within the fashion industry and many different roles of fashion stylist today. I would also like to explore the fashion.

To have hands on experience of working with professionals from the industry and to realize my ideas in an excelling way. I would like to challenge convention through the work I do in my project and break boundaries with flare. As a Fashion stylist I would like to be responsible for enhancing a product and bringing life to a photographer’s vision for layout in a magazine, music video and also deal in color and style coordination and placement of wardrobe. I would like to work on TV, films, ad agencies, fashion house, magazines as a fashion stylist.

I have developed this knowledge and experience through my style of working while in my graduation and also my internship experience which enabled me to understand my zeal towards the field of fashion. Thus I would like to widen my horizons in these respective areas.

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