My Informative Speech on The Elder Scrolls

My informative speech was over the video game series The Elder Scrolls, which created by the American video game company Bethesda Softworks. The specific purpose of this speech was to inform the Comm 210 class (section 230) about this game series so that they could enjoy it as much as I did and I feel like I achieved this purpose fairly well. Compared to my demo speech’s introduction, I feel like the informative speech had the weaker introduction of the two. I believe this because in the demonstration speech I had a legit justification for the topic of choice, unlike in my informative speech where I pretty much just made up a reason for the audience to care; “…will equip you with a better appreciation…and relatability among other gamers” I felt was a very weak reason to care.

In my demonstration speech I proposed being able to better comprehend the “why” behind people’s actions and better understanding of people themselves, which I felt is a much stronger reason to care about a subject.

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My use of oral citations impacted my credibility in a positive way I feel because I used credible sources, proving I did some research on my topic. Using an interview with Todd Howard found in PC Gamer UK issue 232 gave me some insight on Skyrim from the head developer himself, rather than someone else’s opinions.

Using youtube video files provided by Machinima as another resource boosted my credibility as well because Machinima is associated with anything fantasy and everything game related.

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I felt that my transitions were also a little weaker in my informative speech than in my demonstration speech. In the demo speech I could say “First…next..last” while giving an instruction such as “First, using a search engine such as google, search “MBTI” whereas in the info speech I had to get a little more creative because step by step instruction did not fit. I felt that my best transition was from the introduction to the body when I stated that “as an avid gamer I have spent years playing The Elder Scrolls and many other RPGs, but just like Bethesda, I did not start in this genre.” then continued on with how Arena (the first game in The Elder Scrolls series) became an RPG after initially being designed as a combat-based game.. My delivery, although still not great, went better in the info speech I believe.

During the demo speech, I was extremely nervous, moving my feet around a lot and always looking at my notecards. In my info speech I was able to make better eye contact and caught myself nervously shuffling my feet, so I was able to stop myself. In my next speech I plan to be more aware of the time (as that was a problem in both the demo speech and the info speech), come to every speech day (so my score is not docked a bunch of points again), and make better eye contact with my audience.

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