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My Ideas

Australian vision means that which are seen or imaginative image and people mind. Therefore the phrase ”Australian vision” simple means something which are seen or imagined on people’s mind to describe Australian as a unique country. On the film “Strictly ballroom”, show Australian vision on every figure’s vision was obvious on the mind. One of the ideas about Australian is the multicultural; it’s obvious vision of the film about Australian’s vision.

The vision show on the part of Scott dance Paso doble on Fran’s home, that Australian vision is multicultural. Fran’s family come form Spanish, is different to Scott’s cultural, Scott is a local of Australia, they are living on different cultural, even so they are make friendly and respect each other, happy dance together, enjoy a freedom steps world, Scott looked like a part of the Spanish family, in effect he not a real a Spanish, but it relevantly show sense of Australian is multicultural.

We can saw very clearly, Scott is a professional dancer, he always dance wears colorful clothes, dance on dance hall, but in the film of part of dance on Fran’s home, Scott just wears comfortable clothes and dance on the backyard of a house, near railway, the very noise when the train passing. He is happy and enjoys it, dance with Fran’s family, and integrate with the Spanish family.

Can be got idea about the vision, the vision for Australian, are multicultural country. On the life in Australia many different colors of people, many different cultural of people, and many different languages of people, the country just like a palette, many different come together, many possibility.

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