My Ideal Husband Essay

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My Ideal Husband

My thoughts on the qualities that my future spouse should have. Although it is impossible to foretell what is going to happen in the future, there are some areas in which we can lay the foundation of happiness. Good example of this is marriage. A Chinese saying states thatthe worst thing a woman fears is marrying the wrong man. This is certainly very true. Thus, it is important to ensure that we know what we are looking for in our futurespouse. The first quality that I would loo for isdefinitely dependability.

If I were to share my life with a person, I would definitely want to be sure that he is a trustworthy man who I can always turn to. If he was irresponsible, it would be near impossible to try to build a life together. I remember my neighbors in the last place my family lived in. Mrs. Lee was a wonderfully sweet lady who juggled three jobs in a day to give her four children a decent life. Yet, she was ever burdened by her drunkard of a husband who not only failed to keep a job but also turn to her for money shamelessly.

In such a case I cannot help but think that my future husband must be someone I can depend on. It is also imperative that my future husband is an honest man. Honesty is especially vital in a relationship because both parties must be sure that they are trusted and can trust the other person. Imagine a situation where both parties are suspicious of each other and are constantly trying to spy on the other person, it will certainly be a miserable relationship!

After all, the social obligation and activities that we have can necessitate both the husband and thewife having to spend time away fromeach other. If one party feels that the other maybe up to something fishy, a lot of unpleasantness can result. It willbe terrible to life in a marriage wherethere is no honesty with each other. By nature, I am a happy-go-lucky person who enjoys a good life once in a while. If I have to spend the rest of my life with a man who finds it difficult to see the fun in life, then I would feel like a bird in an extremelysmall cage being unable to unfurl my wings to fly.

When I think of my future husband, I think of someone with a quirky sense of humor and a ready laugh. It will be someone who will see the bright side of matters instead of getting unnecessarily bogged down by problems. To me, a good sense of humor is an essential ingredient in the recipe for a lasting marriage. Of course, it must be noted that this criteria may change with time as I mature with the myriad of experiences that is sure to come my way. in time to come, I am sure a me complete picture of my ideal husbandwill emerge.

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