Constitutional Amendment: Fair and Equal Pay for All Genders

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As it currently stands in the United States of America, our highly diverse country has a total of 27 separate and different Amendments covering all of the “Rights” of Americans that have been establish for us by our “Founding Fathers” well over two centuries ago. For these American Amendments, ten of them can be described as “original” Amendments.

This means that these specific “Rights” were the initial Amendments that were created alongside our nation’s “Preamble” (Introduction and subsequent “breakup” letting with England (Great Britain) in addition to the United “States Constitution” itself.

It should be noted that all of the Amendments of the United State Constitution, after the establishment of the “Bill of Rights”, were added as our nation grew into the country it is today. Furthermore, by direct and written decree of the United State Constitution, it was and has always been the Supreme Court which has interpreted the United State Constitution, and consequently has served in both in the “interpretation” of the United State Constitution as well as adding Amendments.

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My personal Amendment:

My very own personal Amendment establishes the “Right to Fair & Equal Pay for All Gender’s Amendment”. This Amendment is to be added to the United State Constitution immediately as it specifically address the issues as well as concerns in which “minorities” especially as it relates to women from all from all walks of life, of which, face on a day to day basis, “discrimination” in the workplace/workforce as it relates to the “moral right” to seek, establish, develop and maintain “equal pay” in the workplace/force as it pertains to “entry level job and career placement positions and that are of equal education” both expanding and encompassing any and all positions of the economy of the United States as well as in both the private/public sector.

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This would affect Americans all across the United States of American overnight. As businesses, unions, corporations and anyone whom hires other individuals to work for them would be effectively required to equally pay both their male and female employees if they these employees are of equal education or both are in “entry level positions”.

Under this Amendment entry level male and female employees as it relates to any and all positions would have to be paid the same amount by employees. Likewise, if male and female employees also had the same degree, level of education and equal experience they would again be required to be paid the same in salary or hourly wage. The overall, goal of this Amendment being added to the United States Constitution, is that is effectively “shatters” the glass ceiling for all women in America! Thus, no longer would, a male in a nursing profession (or any other professional in America for that matter) be paid more due to the quality of being male.

Constitutional Amendment:

“Right to Fair & Equal Pay for All Gender’s Amendment”

“Every company, organization, governmental body (agency), non for Profit, Private, or Public enterprise, shall be required to equally pay male and female workers if they are employed in “Entry level positions” and /or are of status in terms of equal education”.

Why is this Constitutional Amendment Needed:

This Constitutional Amendment is needed because “traditional family values” as well as “family roles” in America have changed. Consequently, many children are frequently, raised by single parent households. Women in modern day American play an ever increasingly vital role in the economy at this same time they are needed at home (due to traditional roles women will never shed) such as the responsibility of child rearing and caring for other family members (such as elderly and parents). Women need fair pay as they bare a large burden on behalf of society as a whole.

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