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Wake up at five o’clock in the morning to catch on an early flight from John F. Kennedy International airport. I was excited because it was my first time going to Haiti. I was so energized I disregarded the overwhelming exertion of getting up so early. My mother, sister, brother, grandparents, and I set off on the long journey to the airport, at that point, New York. I recall the yellow taxi van used to transport us to the airplane terminal with its amazingly little seats, which made getting any rest unimaginable.

Sitting by my sibling, who was in an entirely bad-tempered and irritating state of mind, making this marginally harder.

When I ventured out of the hot, stuffy plane into the brilliant, amazing daylight radiating down over the consuming asphalt, I felt apprehensive and energized. When I ventured out of the hot, stuffy plane into the brilliant, astonishing daylight radiating down over the consuming asphalt, I felt anxious and energized.

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Grasping my shoreline sack and slipping shades on with my other, I flip-floundered down the airspace. Overhead, I heard the shriek of gulls and the prattle of the little soft sparrows. I couldn't believe it! I was in Haiti. The sun beat down on my skin, warming and relaxing my arms in its brilliance. I took a full breath and smelt a sweet, elegant aroma.

After pushing our way through the hordes of enthusiastic visitors, we at last made it to our baggage. After pulling our bag off the transport line, we advanced toward the entryways where we were gotten picked by my mother fiancé who's living there.

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As we began driving out of the airport and into the city, I began to see wondrous things. All the trees. The trees were loaded down with mangos, papayas, and star fruit. I couldn't believe my eyes; Haiti was simply so lovely and energetic. In the wake of driving for around ten minutes, we backed off and around the bend was the amazing ocean. It blew my mind, I was just telling myself I can’t wait to start my weekend off by going to the beach and relaxing. In the ween hours of the morning you hear the dogs and chicken sing their hearts out, It wakes me along with the extreme heat, soon you hear my mom yelling to my cousin” ale mete dlo nan chodyè a” ( go put water in the pot) so she can cook because we were having family dinner.

That night she made my favorite dish fried plantains, fried pork, with brown rice and red beans and sauce. I was so eager to go to the beach, but I forgot we were having family dinner. My grandma’s sisters came over for dinner that night. After dinner, they were telling us stories about my mom and her siblings when they were younger and how they were bad causing trouble. Then the conversation got a little emotional because my great aunts were explaining how happy they are because they left Haiti to start a new and better life. The next day I got up extra early just to prepare breakfast for my family, while preparing the food in my head I kept saying oh yeah beach time I couldn’t wait to put my feet in that crystal-clear water. We were just waiting on my mom friend to come to pick us up, as soon as came I was the first one in the car, but wait I forgot to realize was that I had to help them load the car, so it took us a while, but we finally arrived.

The glimmering velvety yellow sand sparkled in the sun's warmth. As the blue waves slammed against the rock, the water push into the air showering a rainbow of fog all over. We drove down to a beach called Labadee and I jumped out of the vehicle and kept running down to the perfectly clear dark blue water. The warm sand squished under my feet and made my lower leg muscles hold to keep myself adjusted and moving. I ceased just before the water contacted my toes and ripped off my shirt that I was wearing over my swimsuit. I remained there taking it all in, the sun on my bare brown shoulders, the warm comfortable sand underneath my feet, and the crazy need to bounce into the crisp cool water. The waves tenderly smashed along the shore and pulled themselves consistently nearer as though they were alluring me to go along with them and play their amusements. I grinned to myself and concluded that I would go participate in their good times.

With that, I took a tremendous full breath and dove into the satiny salty water. The water was cool and reviving. I was collecting shells because my grandma loved them. I even found a calm but there weren’t any pearls in it.We also went water rafting. I kept falling in the water. I thought I was going to drown. Later that day my mom took me to her childhood home, it was all broken down because of the earthquake so i didn’t really she nothing much, she showed me where she grew up. It made me me think about how spoiled me and my siblings are because whatever we ask for she provided it to us. My mom really didn’t grow up with anything. I am proud that I learned something from my experience from visiting Haiti, I learned about my roots and where my family is from.

Haiti became my favorite special place that I would visit every summer I like how the hot sun hits my face and the really tasty food my mom makes for dinner. I would never forget about the fun experience I had. Next summer I will be going back to Haiti to do missionary work to help out the poor people that been affected by the earthquake. People would alway say Haiti is the poorest country and don’t really have anything, yeah we know it is the poorest country but don’t judge a book by it’s cover cause we do have beautiful stuff in Haiti there is a lot of things to explore there.

Updated: Mar 11, 2022
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