“My Home Is Not Broken” by Carol Kleiman Essay

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“My Home Is Not Broken” by Carol Kleiman

Discrimination is one of the terrifying words in the world. This word is used against people in many ways. Universally each and every way is horrifying and mostly caused by misunderstanding. In this way, our society’s intolerance against single-parent families can be categorised in many ways; including equality in-between men and women, having a different kind of attitude about the parent (misunderstanding), and making up stories about the single parents.

Nowadays equality in between men and women is still a big issue and not going to change as it is talked. When it comes to single-parent, it gets worse and even worse when that parent is a woman. Abuses and inequality against their emotional feelings get tough at this point; not as a single one, but the whole society there to do a tell things that are unfair. These days government and organizations are there to help out these parents and especially women, because when it comes to divorce children choose their mothers to live with, than fathers. Equality in-between men and women are seemed to be changing in western countries (not that much) but in my words these changes won’t occur after a limit because it still true that women can’t do every business that men do.

Misunderstanding is one of the common mistakes, which is still out there for some news writers who are always behind money. Media is the biggest way to stop discrimination. Moreover, media can show that these single-parents are human beings, and how hard it is for them to live alone and raise their children in the challenging world.

Troublemakers often use these chances and play with the single-parents and their life by making up untrustworthy stories and descriptions. These disturbers do such and such scandals and call these parents behind them using ‘buzzwords.’ These are the people who were foes to the family when they were all together and those do not like the dignity and the status of the previous family. By making up stories and calling them using ‘buzzwords’ so on are some of the ways to put them down in a way. Most of the names¬†created towards women, such as ‘girls,’ ‘gals,’ ‘broads’ and the list go on. Nowadays these names are not effective as in the past, but still on or in another way, discrimination continues against these single-parent families.

On or in another way discrimination continues in its terrifying way. Stopping this against single-parents or others is not jeopardy. Nevertheless, understanding them and making them as a part of the society is important.

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