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My Holidays

Based on Gibson, Ivancevich, Donnelly and Konopaske (2009 p.48) they mentioned that Diversity is the differences of physical and cultural that made up the spectrum of human attributes. These can be along the dimensions of age, ethnicity, gender, physical attributes, race and sexual orientation which have a lifelong effect on behaviour and attributes. Secondary forms of diversity are the differences that people gain, give up or modify throughout their lives that can be changed. Secondary dimensions of diversity include educational background, marital status, religious beliefs, health disabilities and work experience. There are a few ways suggest to Madam May May to manage diversity effectively in the work environment.

According to Robbins. SP, Judge TA (2011 p.89) they state that one method of improving workforce diversity is to target recruiting massage to specific demographic groups underrepresented in the workforce. Besides, the selection process is one of the most important places for diversity efforts. As a manager, Madam May May should need to value fairness and objectivity in selecting employees and focus on the productive potential of new recruits. According to Robbins. SP, Judge TA (2011 p.90) they noted that the group performances will be hurt by the diversity. In general, demographic diversities which are gender, race and ethnicity will not either help or hurt the group performance but the intelligent, conscientious and interest of teams of individuals will affect it. Teams of individuals who are highly intelligent, conscientious and interested in working in team settings are more effective. Thus, diversity on these variables is likely to be a bad thing. Madam May May should try to form team that mix in members with different types of expertise and education. In other cases, differences can be a strength.

According to Robbins. SP, Judge TA (2011 p.90) Furthermore, effective diversity program can also help Madam May May on how to manage diversity effectively in the work environment. Firstly, Madam May May should know about the legal framework for equal employment opportunity and encourage fair treatment of all people regardless of their demographic characteristics. Second, a diverse workforce will be better able to serve a diverse market of customers and clients through effective diversity program. Third, effective diversity program foster the skills and abilities of all workers, acknowledging how differences in perspective can be a valuable way to improve performance for everyone.

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