My High School Experience Essay

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My High School Experience

My high school experience has been a success for me to get to college by taking all of the class I needed to get this far. I have came a long way during my high school career because I really thought I wouldn’t have made it this far due to struggling to keep my grades up but as I started it’s not hard at all to keep them up you just have to try hard and get the job done. Although being in Upward Bound has help me accomplish these goals to make it his far from ninth grade to twelfth grade. Due to being in Upward Bound I have learned a lot of things such as you have to do things own your own because nothings ever going to be handed to you. Now that I finally realize that I’m a senior in high school and that time has real passed by now I’m standing here with a diploma something I’ve been waiting for all my life. As I look back I’m not ready to leave high school yet because now I’m own my own in college and there’s no one there to tell me what to do . As everyone would say “welcome to the real world.” Some people think of this as yes I’m finally out of the house with my mother and that their going to have fun and make new friends and party.

I think of this as I want to go to college and be successful in life, get the job done, get my associate’s degree and move on up to the real world also I would love to be on the dean’s list every semester that would be a really great honor to me to let me know that I have did what I had to do in college and not just played the whole time .I know that I will miss it here being with friends and goofing around with others. But now it is for me to step on up to a new chapter in life by going to college and doing what I like to do working with children and their families. I hope that all of us will work hard to accomplish our dreams and do what we got to do to get what we want .

It want be that hard I hope only if you just try and put your mind to it to do it. It want be as hard as you make it just do your best. I’m glad that all of us have made it to the end now that we can say that we “started from the bottom now were here.”Now that I have accomplished my task for today I would ask you to encourage me and others to always do their best in anything cause you never know what your going to get out of being the best that we can be and I hope you take this with you to remember the class of 2015.

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