My Grit Score and My Pursuit of an Education in Business Major

When I think of grit I think of perseverance and strength within the mind, We deal with grit situations every single day of our lives and sometimes we approach them differently depending on the type of situation. I scored a 41 on my grit test which correlates into the 70% range for the average human being. Grit is something that many people struggle to finesse at. I’ve played soccer but my main sport is golf and without practice you will never be able to reach the point you’re looking for.

In the book there was a case that Angela mentioned about the spelling bee she took part of and she says “In one of my earliest research studies, I found that grittier kids at the National Spelling Bee practiced more than their less gritty competitors. These extra hours of practice, in turn, explained their superior performance in final competition,” Clearly the students that practiced and studied a lot longer did much better.

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Even something as simple as a spelling bee can also carry over to the golf course. I have had situations where I needed to prepare for a tournament in the following weeks and I choose not too and it really showed on the course. Especially with a sport like golf, it is a game of repetition and if you do not have that down you will seriously struggle. Me being in the 70‘” percentile does make lots of sense because I do believe I am grittier than most but I have seen others that does hold more grit than I do.

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Angela writes two formulas out and they say talent x effort = skill and skill x effort = achievement. I find this to be a key point in my life because with golf it almost leans on you like a latter because of how young I started. I had talent when I was very small but with my effort I inherited skills and now that l have the abilities I begin to achieve in the tournaments I play in. There was a man named Mike that was a part of the Air Force and he says “Within two weeks,” Mike recalls, “I was tired, lonely, frustrated, and ready to quit—as were all of my classmates.” Many people quit and gave up but Mike did not.

When I think of guys in the military I think of tough and rough guys who have the most grit out of anyone. Although I may not have been in the military I have experienced a situation just like Mike did, I was a part of my high school soccer team and since our coach was extremely hard on us in practice, making us do 45 minute runs and lots of sprints, many of my teammates wanted to quit right then and there. Many people were frustrated and some did quit but they now regret it. Mike holds the “never give up” attitude and I love that in a person, If you try your hardest and never give up, no one or you will have any excuses on why you failed.

The “hang in there posture” works every time and it benefits you in the long run, Showing up is definitely and aspect that all college students should possess, Showing up to a class is nearly half the battle when it comes to getting sufficient grades, I find that with athletics comes a struggle with showing up but simply going to your teacher and discussing it with he or she could make that much of a difference Another aspect from the book that I could use in my college living is practice Since I play a sport and understand the meaning of practice I could say that school is basically the same Homework is given for a reason and that reason is practice and without that practice you will not get any better at it. Since I am a business major I deal a lot with mathematics and I find to precisely have down all the formulas and problem solving skills you must practice 100% to achieve those skills to the fullest.

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