My Graduate Studies in Tulane University

I am Debaroty Roy. I have completed my undergraduate from Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, Bangladesh. And, later I have completed my master’s from Tulane University. I am interested in pursuing my Ph.D. in Cain Department of Chemical Engineering at Louisiana State University.

My undergraduate years was the time of learning fundamentals of Chemical Engineering and shaping me for future. During my undergraduate years, I developed a very broad range of skills. It included fundamental heat and material balance to complex mass, heat and momentum transfer.

Along with core chemical engineering courses, I had taken other courses- physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, and instrumental analysis which developed my basic skills to understand, analyze, and solve problems where chemical structure-property relationship plays the role. Additionally, I have taken fundamental mathematics and physics courses to achieve the knowledge necessary to solve a problem after acquiring the gist from a piece of information.

After my undergraduate, I decided to come to Tulane University to start my graduate school.

Starting graduate school in a different environment was a new beginning for me. I have taken advanced level courses- Advanced Reactor Design, Advanced Transport Phenomena, Advanced Thermodynamics, Advanced Materials Design, Advanced Organic Polymer Chemistry, Polymer Physics, and Molecular Biophysics etc. Additionally, I successfully performed my teaching assistantship duties in courses-Numerical Analysis for Chemical Engineers, Unit Operations Lab, and Analytical Chemistry.

During my undergraduate years, I did a thesis on “Comparative study on the degradation of industrial dyes using TiO2/ZnO photocatalysts.

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” On that study, I prepared TiO2/ZnO photo catalysts with different TiO2: ZnO ratios and studied dye degradation kinetics, governed by the Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP). My undergraduate research experience has enabled me to understand how to plan experiments, analyze data, and write technical reports and present them. Under the supervision of my undergraduate thesis advisor, I learned how to do research. I presented my work “Comparative study on the degradation of Industrial dyes using TiO2/ZnO photocatalysts” at “International Conference on Materials Chemistry, 6-8 December 2014, University of Science and Technology, Sylhet-3114, Bangladesh” and achieved praise from many scholars about my presentation skill. On the graduate level, I also did a poster presentation on “Photoinitiated Crosslinking of PVMS (poly (vinylmethylsiloxane))” at “APTEC (Applied Polymer Extension Consortium) 5th Annual Polymer Research Symposium, November 13, 2017, University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS, USA.”

For my graduate-level research, I decided to investigate on polymer nanocomposite. I synthesized poly(vinylmethylsiloxane) (PVMS) through base catalyzed polycondensation reaction and then prepared photo initiator-initiated UV-radiation crosslinked PVMS elastomers with tunable physical properties (gel fractions, modulus etc. Through my research work, I acquired the aptitude in the area of organic synthesis and purification. Another part of my project was based on the preparation and incorporation of silane functionalized silica nanomaterials in the crosslinked elastomer to achieve the desired level of flexibility. This part of my research enabled me to achieve experience in surface modification of the nanomaterials. Through my undergraduate and graduate level research work, I learned how to troubleshoot problems and make research plans which I believe will help me to complete my Ph.D. successfully. I also developed data collection and data interpretation skills which are necessary for valuable research.

Being a researcher on a specific field needs detail-oriented research making contributions in the field of science. I started my graduate level project of polymer nanocomposite preparation and solved the problem for a specific elastomer poly(vinylmethysiloxane). However, I found it more enthusiastic to perform surface functionalization of nanomaterials which have varieties of application in the field of nanomedicine and drug delivery. I am interested to work in the field of nanomaterial as well as polymer surface science which will lead me to make contributions in science by solving environmental, energy, and biological problems.

Along with my research work and teaching assistantship duties, I also worked as an active member ISAB (International Student Advisory Board), which was initiated by OISS (Office of International Students and Scholars) Tulane, and helped new international students to succeed personally, socially, and academically. Being an international student, I overcame many problems and decided to work for the international students to grow in Tulane. In Tulane, I also served in WISE (Women in Science and Engineering) where I mentored undergraduates and organized different events to help graduate students maintaining a balanced work-study life. During my study in Tulane, I developed different soft skills such as time management, teamwork, project management, leadership etc.

I want to be a researcher and Ph.D. is going to be the starting step towards this goal. Through my Ph.D., I believe I will nourish my present skills and acquire new skills. To pursue my Ph.D., I found Cain Department of Chemical Engineering is a nationally recognized university with 19 Faculty members having expertise in different areas. It would be a great opportunity for me if I get the scope to pursue my Ph.D. here and can contribute to the betterment of society. During my studies in the Cain Department of Chemical Engineering, I believe that I will grow both personally and intellectually while fulfilling my aim of being a researcher.

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