My Goals Essay

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My Goals

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes; you can go in any direction you choose, you’re on your own, and you know what you know, and you are the one who will decide where to go. ” Dr. Seuss gives me hope within myself. This quote has gotten me through so many problems of mine to the point where I know it by heart. This makes me think of all the possibilities there are out there in the world. This helps me create my own goals to reach for instead of other peoples. The short term, five year, and ten year goals help me stride for success so I can complete those goals.

They keep me going in the direction I choose which decides where I’ll go with my life. Within my short term goals, I wish to have straight A’s for my last senior report card. That would prove to everyone that I really can do it and maybe they would stop calling me stupid or dumb. I wish to also have high honor roll all year next year. Another short term goal is to get accepted to an Ivy League school such as Yale or University of Pennsylvania. This would make me so delighted to know that I am smart enough to be accepted. I may not go there, but it would be an honor to be accepted.

I also wish to possibly get an internship at a wedding planning facility so I can see what it’s like. While there, maybe I can start completing my five year goals. Five year goals are a little harder to achieve because they can change quicker than short term goals if you make a wrong turn. Just like a GPS, they may recalculate themselves. One five year goal I wish to achieve is to graduate college with a major in business administration and a minor in musical theater so I can continue dramatics while fulfilling my job. I also wish to graduate with at least a 3. grade average if not higher. For that I will need to stay organized, control my procrastination, and do a fulfilled job on any assignments I may have. I wish to stay as an intern in the wedding planning business or even start planning businesses myself. Within these, I would also like to continue dramatics and singing so that if the opportunity forms to act on television or even Broadway, I can take it. While all this is happening I hope to have a stable home and after graduating start saving money to open my own wedding planning business.

Within these I should have a strong foundation to start my ten year goals. My ten year goals include owning my own successful wedding planning business and having a family. These goals are hopefully a little more stable than five year goals, but most likely not. They can change depending on your five year goals and short term as well. I don’t plan on starting a family until I am fully stable with my job and in my house. I don’t want to bring a child into this world without a stable family to take care of their every need.

Since I already have these plans, I hope to have a good clientele following who will suggest me to other to plan their wedding instead of someone else. I want to help people save as much money on their wedding that they can. Another goal which will be extremely hard to fulfill will be to become a famous actress and singer, or even to perform on Broadway at least once. All goals are hard to achieve, but I wish to succeed at all of them. Many people don’t even think about what they want to do in the future, but ever since I was little I have wanted to perform on Broadway or television.

Just lately, as in this past year, have I decided that I wanted to be a successful wedding planner. The job will be challenging with picky brides to be, and stressed out grooms, but I think I can do it justice. Goals in general are just hard to complete but I think I can. With as many goals as I have, I can definitely complete at least 3 of the long term ones. “Will you succeed? Yes you will indeed. Ninety-eight and three- quarters guaranteed”. Dr. Seuss.

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