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My Goals Essay Examples

Essay on My Goals

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10 years from now

By almost 30, I hope that I will be close to married and preparing myself to start a family. I’m not sure how many kids I plan on having, but probably no more than three. I plan on being financially comfortable which includes owning my own car and home. I know through out my life I will always continue to be close with my family, so I’m hoping that I always live in close distance of my parents...

My Scarf (Sentimental Value)

After some time I even learned how to make a couple of rows of stitches in a row. One day my grandmother asked me to help her to knit a scarf and so we sat and we started working on it. After a couple of weeks when the scarf was done, I was so proud of myself because not all the girls my age could knit. So the minute it was done my grandma said that I can have it now, that it is mine now, since I ...

My Goals and Walden Vision and Mission

An example of one learning outcome for the Master of Science in Nursing is to “exhibit ongoing commitment to professional development” (Walden University, 2013b, para. 3). I am constantly trying to learn new ways to improve and better my knowledge and education. I recently obtained my Certified Emergency Nurse certification and will soon be taking the Certified Pediatric Emergency Nurse exam. ...

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Look on the Bright Side of My Achievements

The last situation that I have is a current situation that I am dealing with. It is my choice as to where I was going to attend school after I graduated high school. I am attending Northern Virginia Community College. This was not my first choice of schools, and I was extremely upset about this at first. I saw my friends leave Manassas and go their separate ways. They did not live with their paren...

Education Scholarships

A scholarship would help me achieve my goals by assisting me financially and with this help me focus solely on my education. This would make it more possible for me to achieve my goal and would help me to pay for my education. A scholarship would benefit me in obtaining an Associate's Degree and pursuing a career as a Teacher. It would also benefit me in a way that would eliminate a large amount o...

My Personality Traits

From the analysis of MBTI, I have assessed that my personality type is INTP( introversion, intuition, thinking and perception). As an introverted I am quiet and reserved. I only prefer to meet with few friends and do not like much social interaction. I prefer intuition over sensing because I am abstract in nature and I focus on big picture and future possibilities. I am a thinker because I prefer ...

My Personal Identity

I am a thinker because I prefer to make decisions based on logic and reasons and I give importance to honesty and consistency. I prefer perception over judgement because I like flexibility and want to keep my plans flexible in order to change them according to circumstances. I think that Humanistic theory is best suited on me because it emphasizes on personal growth, development and freedom to mak...

My Goals of Higher Education in the United State

My originally plan was to be a sonographer. However, my mom was diagnosis with Diabetes at that time. She was denying and got very anxious about her illness. She started cutting out her diet to keep her blood sugar level in normal range. One day, she called me while I was studying at library and told me that she felt very weak and shaking. I went back right away and saw her lying in bed. I checked...

My Goals to Become a Nurse

Brooke said, “Something to be proud of I don’t mean this to demean any other profession or occupation, but nursing is a career you can take pride in. It’s an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others” (Brooke’s Musings, 2009). Second reason is changing the life for my family and me. Bibliography Brooke’s Musings. (2009, May 27). Retrieved from wordpress: http://myponderin...

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