My First Day at Campus Essay

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My First Day…
As of today, August 30th, I, Blah blah blah, took the initiative to explore the entire campus. Today, the temperature could have possibly been right at about 93 degrees, and I decided to walk around this gigantic campus to waste time before my next class. During orientation week, I missed the campus tours because I was too busy sleeping my day away. So, what other way to compensate for lost time than to take my very own campus tour? Initially, I intended to look for the art buildings, but the best thing I discovered after my journey today happened to be the fact that the art buildings were being reconstructed.

Just my luck. However, I did find the Knight Physics building which happens to be absolutely gorgeous. I also happened to stumble across the school’s arbortorium.

I felt like I was walking through a jungle with my combat boots on and the leaves hovering above my head. I walked around in a circle and found my way to the school of law.

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The school of law is literally like its own kingdom within the campus. The students had their own law shirts, and the windows of the classroom even had curtains to block the sun out. I know curtains are a pretty simplistic observation, but I could not help but to find that fascinating! I have failed to sit in any classroom that had panels to block the sun. Only in the law school at the University of ….

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As I walked away from the law school, I made my way towards the UC area and back around towards the Rat. Passing the vivacious students lounging with their friends, I hiked around the lake under the scorching sun wishing that I had a bottle of water, a hat, and maybe even some sun glasses. The heat was pretty unbearable.

Passing between the Hecht and Stanford towers, I ventured towards the school of architecture. That is one white building. I expected it to be more lavish in its exterior design seeing that it is the school of architecture. I walked past the school of architecture and head back towards Mahoney-Pearson. I know that area pretty well. … is my new home for now. As I left the Mahoney-Pearson area, I circled around towards the UC area again and crossed the winding paths towards the Whitten Learning Center. There was approximately 10 minutes left to spare before class started, and the brightest idea that I came up with all day was… to finally sit down!

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My First Day at Campus Essay

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