Gianluigi Buffon: A Soccer Legend and Top Goalkeeper

The first part of the following text is about Gianluigi Buffons achievements and why he is a great sportsman. After the description of Buffon, the text tries to explain what personal criteria makes a sportsman/sportswoman great.

Gianluigi, also called “Gigi”, Buffon, born 28 January 1978, is an Italian professional footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for Juventus Turin. He is one of the greatest goalkeeper all of the time. He was the runner–up for the Ballon d’O (given to the best football player in Europe from UEFA) in 2006 and was also elected to be part of the FIFPro World XI.

In addition he was the first goalkeeper ever to win the Serie A (name of the Italian Football League) Footballer of the Year award. Normally only field players win this award. He has also be named the Serie A Goalkeeper of the year a record 12 times. [Style (Wording)]In his long career Buffon has won 23 trophies and he is one of only twenty-five players to have made at least 1,000 professional career appearances.

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At club level, Buffon’s professional career began with Parma in 1995, where he made his Serie A debut. After joining Juventus Turin in 2001, he established himself as one of the best players in the world in his position. His biggest triumph was probably winning the FIFA World Cup with Italia in 2006. In the final against France he hold to penalty kicks. So [Colloquial]after the final he was like hero in his country. The only title that Buffon does not won[Gr] is the UEFA Champions League (the main club competition in Europe).

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But not only the titles that Buffon has won made him a great sportsman. He is also a very fair player, which is today very rare. Mostly The title or the victory is commonly more important than playing fairly because winning a title brings a club a lot of money. And today in football it is everything about money. Some players change the club for over 100 million euros or even in some cases for over 200 million euros. Furthermore, these players have an amount of 30 million a year or even more. So far it is very important for the fans to see that not every player only plays for the money. This is (only) one fact of many facts that made Buffon one of the greatest and most respected football player in the world.

Further the following example describes very well the meaning that Gianluigi Buffon has for the fans and the players: Two weeks ago he played his last game in his career for Juventus

Turin. Before the match there was a big choreography that made the fans only for him.[Style (wording)] Only a few players become a choreography from the fans. So this is a big honor. And[Colloquial] during his replacement in the 70 minute the whole stadium were standing and also the players from Juventus Turin and Chievo Verona were clapping their hands. All in all it was a very emotional day for football fans all over the world because in this moment one of the biggest football player has leave the football scene.

So what are the most important criteria that make a sportsman great? I think there are not only one or two official criteria that make a sportsman/sportswoman great. The big question is: Are only professional athlete great sportsmen/sportswomen because only of the fact that they are very good in their sport? I think not. For me it is every man or woman who loves playing their sport a great sportsman/sportswoman. The sport itself only exists because there are people who are playing sport like handball or basketball. And it does not matter if the person is good or not good atthat sport. It is more important to have fun while playing sport.

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Gianluigi Buffon: A Soccer Legend and Top Goalkeeper
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