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My Favorite Singer Prince Royce

Tropical Songs chart while “Corazon Sin Cara” reached number-one on the US Hot Latin Songs chart. The album itself reached number-one on the US Billboard Latin Albums and Tropical Albums charts. He also received three awards at the Billboard Latin Music Awards in 2011, which included Tropical Album of the Year for Prince Royce. Prince Royce was listed as one of the 50 Most Beautiful on the People en Espanol Magazene 2011 issue.

On April 10, 2012, Royce released his second studio album, Phase II. In November 2012, Royce released a compilation album entited “#1 ‘s”, a collection of his hits thus far.

Geoffrey Royce Rojas was born on May 1 1, 1989 and raised in The Bronx, a borough of New York City, New York. He is the second oldest out of four children, born to a Dominican father, who was a taxi-cab driver, and a Dominican mother, who worked at a beauty salon. When he was young, he participated in choir in elementary school, competed in talent shows and, at the age of thirteen, began writing poetry which turned into songwriting.

Recalling his first time performing before a crowd, he said, “Elementary school, I was singing a Christmas song. I felt really comfortable on stage. “. At age fifteen, Royce had began making music with a partner named Jose Chusan better known as “Jino”. The duo was also known as Jino and Royce, El Duo Real. At the age of sixteen, Royce started making music with long time friend and producer Donzell Rodriguez, and Vincent Outerbridge known as “L Snipe ; Vinny” Ceo of Snipeproductions.

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The duo eventually had a meeting with Atlantic record in early 2007.

With the decline of the reggaeton music Royce made the ultimate decision to focus more on the bachata industry. At age nineteen, Royce met Andr©s Hidalgo, who after hearing his previous demo instantly became his manager. Hidalgo began helping Royce work hands-on with bachata music. That was the turning point which helped Royce decided that pursuing a musical career is what he wanted to do. Hidalgo later introduced Royce to Sergio George, who immediately signed the former to his label, Top Stop Music, after listening to three of his demos.

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