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Chancelor Johnathan Bennett, also known as Chance the Rapper, is my favorite singer. When Chance was younger, he was suspended from school. During his time from school, he recorded his first solo mixtape, 10 Days. Chance the Rapper had many meeting with recorded labels but he decided that he did not want to be signed to any. He felt that being free from one would let him be able to do what he wants. Chance makes his money from going on tours and streaming his music.

In 2013, Chance the Rapper released Acid Rap as free download. Acid Rap included one of his hit songs, Cocoa Butter Kisses. In 2016, he collaborated with Kayne West on The Life of Pablo album. Also in 2016, he released Coloring Book. Coloring Book was an album that blended soul, gospel, hip-hop and the music of social experiment. Because of this album, he received three Grammys.

Chance is the first artist to win a Grammy based on solely on streaming.

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Chance the Rapper is my favorite being singer not only because of his music but because of the type of person that he is. Chance the Rapper gives back to his community in Chicago. Chance donated $1 million to Chicago Public School. Chance the Rapper is also a Christian. The reason I enjoy his music because it is never the same. In each song, you get a different type of style of music. In his songs, he tells a story which can sometimes can help you get through the day.

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In his last mixtape, Coloring Book, he referenced the bible or he had gospel singers in his songs. Chance took traditional African American gospel songs and put a R&B mix to it. My favorite songs by Chance include, Cocoa Butter Kisses, Angles, Juke Jam, All We Got, How Great, Finish Line/Drown, and Blessings.

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