My Favorite Sights Essay

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My Favorite Sights

As it known to us all that different countries possess different cultures, which presents both from the country’s sceneries and its people’s custom, such as the diversity between ancient Rome and ancient China, and every country is proud of them. China, a country that is famous for its large amount of gorgeous sights attracts millions of tourists each year. And Beijing has always becomes the first choice for foreigners owing to its historical and scenical aspects. One of the most will-known architectures in Beijing is the Forbidden City.

It lies in the central axis of the whole city, also known as the biggest wooden structure in the world has witnessed the five thousand years history of our country. “It was built in 1420, and had been the palace for the royal family for over five hundred years, until the emperor Fuyi was banished. The Palace Museum, the focal point of the Forbidden City, was built in 1925, and then becomes country-owned after the establishment of China, and in 1988, it was approved as one of the world heritages. ” (Baidu Online Encyclopedia). It is the biggest ancient-art museum in China, and the majority of the antiques are from Qing Dynasty.

One of the most famous exhibitions is called “Qingming Riversides”, it is remembered as a top-notch painting from Song Dynasty which mainly describes the bustling and livelihood in that particular period. And it is the exquisite technique that depicts human, livestock, constructions, and trading in a piece of more than five meters long paper that makes the painting prominent. Moreover, the museum also collects beautiful China and bronze, which presents power and privilege in ancient China. Right behind the Forbidden City is the Jing Shan Park.

The garden used to be the place where the royal family spends their leisure time, however after the fade of the family it became a public park. What’s more, Jing Shan Mountain inside the park is the tallest point of the whole Beijing City, which tourists can overlook the special scenery of the Forbidden City and the quadrangle houses near the park. The most attractive sight spot outside the city is the Great Wall. As an old saying goes, “ He who has never been to The Great Wall is not a true man”, people have been inspired over a whole life to go to The Great Wall because of the spectacular scenery and the mysterious history.

The Great wall was designed for defending the nomadic people from the north at 3rd century BC, after the first unify of the country. It took one-twentieth of the whole population to build at that time. However, the part we referred today is the wall rebuilt in the Ming Dynasty, which is nearly nine thousand meters long. Scientist haven’t figure out how can those people carry so many bricks without any machinery tools up to the mountains at that time.

When I was a little girl, my father took me to the Great Wall, and I was absolutely astonished by the majestic view from the beacon tower, the continuous mountain, the vast blue sky above, and the most important—the dragon-shaped wall, and once you climbed up to the top beacon tower, you would never be able to resist yourself taking pictures of the splendid landscapes. Beijing—a city combined with history, beauty, and modernity in such a harmony, has always been my favorite sight. And how can you miss such an amazing city if you are a travel enthusiast!

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