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My Favorite Season Essay

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Winter is my favorite time during the year because the low temperature in the weather usually brings snow, and snow brings many pleasurable moments for a nine year old, and to be able to play in the snow on any given winter is certainly a high point. There are several things you can do on a cold snowy day like; make snow angels, build a perfect snowman and engage in the ultimate snowball fight with friends and family.

Making snow angels is the ideal way to spend a winter’s day in the snow.

It is important to lie down in the snow on your back and spread your arms and legs out of your body you then move your arms and legs back and forth to make wings. This is how you make a snow angel, and you can make as many snow angels as you want. If you take a hard look, one might be waving at you.

The other activity that gets me excited for a snowy winter day is getting together with my family members to create the perfect snowman.

To build a flawless snowman it is helpful to have the right kind of snow because if the snow is too dry, it will not hold together to make a ball. So, make sure you have plenty of wet packable snow to create the first ball at the bottom of the snowman. After creating the perfect ball you will need to create two more, one in the middle and one for the head.

Stack the snowballs from the largest to the smallest and now it’s time to bring the snowman to life by adding eyes, a nose, a mouth, and use a stick for the arms, dress him up in a hat and a scarf and once the snowman is finished; we take pictures with it. The final best time the winter season brings is the chance to participate in a snowball fight. This fun activity is only available during the winter season. Wow! The joy of ducking and dodging to land that perfect hit in your opponents face is definitely a reason to look forward to winter.

I enjoy making snow balls, to make them; you have to put snow in your hands and pat it down so you can throw it, and the fight began; I yell and run for cover to avoid a direct blow to the face and in the end, I win and crowned the King of the snowball fight. In conclusion, winter is my preferred season within the year because it brings a large amount of snow, as you have learned making snow angels, building the perfect snowman and participating in snowball fighting is the reason I chose winter as my favorite season, and when the season is over. I look forward to the next winter.

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