My Favorite Place - Vietnam

Everybody has a special place, a place where individuals can discover happiness, be themselves, and peace. This special location maybe is a place where individuals have a dream to opt for a holiday, honeymoon, or relax. A tense of mind in life force individuals to think of the place that they can really relax. In numerous individuals’s lives, a travel is the very best choice for relaxation. Specifically, middle class people who live in the bay location and be under high pressure of work, possibly they need to have a getaway for relaxation at leisure.

Sometime people can not afford the luxury vacation such as going to cruise around Atlanta, consuming fresh seafood in Japan, or delighting in the beauty of nature in Shangri-La Resort Skardu. The very best trip that I had in my nation Vietnam was memorable. Vietnam is the place where individuals can have all the happiness of traveling by cruise, eating fresh seafoods, and the view of gorgeous nature with the low cost of expense.

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People who have a vacation for just 3 weeks should visit Vinh Ha Long City in my country because the tourist attractions of its surroundings, the taste of the fresh seafoods, and the taste of its nature.

Vinh Ha Long is one of the best landscapes in the world. I only can invest less than three thousand dollars for 3 weeks for the fantastic vacation to Vietnam including the air-plan’s ticket. Everything expense cheaply in Vietnam compare to other countries such as Japan, Korea, or China.

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Hence, I can take pleasure in easily for seeing the gorgeous of Vinh Ha Long’s City without the worry of expenditures. Vinh Ha Long is understood as the Coming down Dragon where is the world’s eighth wonder. When I arrived to Vinh Ha Long City, I might see the gorgeous beach was covered by the dark sand at “Bay Chay” or sweltered beach.

Then, I employed an inexpensive stunning boat to walk around the bay for taking pictures. The beautiful of its view produced the mystical surroundings in my memory. Looking down from above, I could see Ha Long bay as a huge lively image. When I walked at the middle of Ha Long Cities, I lost in a fairy world that developed into stone. I imaged that the island named “Hon Rong” resembled a dragon which was hovering above the water. Getting here the island called “Hon Ong La Vong”, I could see the island as a photo of an old male was sitting and fishing.

There were more beautiful islands around Vinh Ha Long City. All of these islands looked really real. The shape of the islands that make wonderful perspective of incalculable light of the day. In my life, I have never enjoyed such a beautiful scenery. It really was the castle of the midst of earthly creation. Vinh Ha Long is one of the cities that have the best seafoods in Vietnam. The City was surrounded by the beautiful beach. The supply of seafoods always new and fresh for visitors.

The restaurant that I found the most delicious seafoods and great services with the cheapest prices that I ever have was called “Ha Long Restaurant”. It was located at seaside where I could eat and enjoy the beautiful view of the beach. I was surprised of how good the service it had. The waiters were so nice and thoughtful about what I needed. They offered and introduced a lot of popular seafoods. Moreover, the price was too cheap to be true. One hundred American dollars can transform its value to two millions vietnam dollars. So I could image how cheap of the food was that compared to America.

If this food was served in United State, it could cost more than four hundreds US dollars per dinner of two people. Some of the best food I had eat, it called “Guava steamed squid dish”. The process of making squid dishes were delicious, cool and full of nutrients of the restaurant. The octopus, sea shrimp paste with the crispy, sweet, when processed into food attractively. Steamed squid were popular by Guava which was flavor characteristic blend with the sea. This “Guava steamed squid dish” was made by the chef of the restaurant.

It was highly innovative and customer favorite. My favorite food was “Ha Long Lobster” in this “Ha Long Restaurant”. Lobsters have a variety of different weight, depending on the number of customers that can be served by restaurants. Prices were also relatively comfortable range from around one millions vietnam dollar per two pounds. In order words, I only spent for fifty US dollars for a perfect “Ha Long Lobster”. It had many kind of Lobsters such as Lobster roasted salted, Steamed Lobster, Lobster salad, and Lobster porridge. I cannot wait to go back and try its all again.

People can enjoy the unique of its nature in Vinh Ha Long City. There were many beautiful cave that people cannot find it else where in the world. The most beautiful cave was “Tam Cung” cave. It located at the center in Ha Long Bay. People was hardly cannot see it. When I go to center of Ha Long, The Tam Cung cave attacked my eyes right away. Tam Cung cave had a stone shapes which created a natural life. It had three compartment. In the first compartment, I soundly stopped walking somewhere quite to hear echoes of sound of flute.

From the first compartment to the second compartment through a small crack of the door, I was walking bumpy, I could see this place was as a living natural museum, which was a stone lions, seals, and the water of god made by stone. In the middle of the third compartment was a first stream of fresh water flowing forever. The two walls were the stone curtain that slender drooping from the ceiling which looked all the curtain stone were shaking. In the Tam Cung cave, I could see the magnificent carving which liked flowers, the natural stone curtain, and gentle elephants were sleeping. The cave was created by nature.

I have ever seen anything like the Tam Cung cave in my life. Vinh Ha long City was my favorite place where I can see the beautiful scenery, taste of its nature, and fresh food. My Vietnam trip for three weeks created the best beautiful memory that I never have and forgot in my life. I did not need to spend huge money for this vacation due to the big different currency between the Vietnam and U. S dollars. First, its scenery helped me to relax and get lost in the fairy places. Second, its seafoods were fresh and the taste was delicious. Finally, the Tam Cung cave was created by nature bring me the unforgettable memory.

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