My favorite place

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My favorite place

My favorite place is Starbucks. So I will choose that to be the company I will write about for this assignment. Starbucks Corporation has been able to grow revenues from $11.7B to $13.3B. Most impressively, the company has been able to reduce the percentage of sales devoted to selling, general and administrative costs from 37.08% to 35.38%. This was a driver that led to a bottom line growth from $1.2B to $1.4B. The pertinent statistics for this piece are as follows. During 2012 Starbucks maintained a current ratio of 1.9x. In 2012, their quick ratio was 1.1x. Their debt ratio in 2012 is 10.7x, derived from total assets in 2012 of 4,199.6 with total debt being 3,104.7.

I would make the assessment that Starbucks is financially sound. Their net income for 2012 was 3,104.7 whereas it was 1,245.7 in 2011. This is a remarkable incline. This rise is do to the economy rising. This company’s debt to total capital ratio, at 9.70%, is in-line with the Hotels, Restaurants and Leisure industry’s norm. Additionally, there are enough liquid assets to satisfy current obligations. Accounts Receivable are typical for the industry, with 11.94 days worth of sales outstanding. Last, Starbucks Corporation is among the most efficient in its industry at managing inventories. The company only has 69.11 days of its Cost of Goods Sold tied up in inventory, although the Inventory Processing Period has been grown consistently over the last 4 years.


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