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My Favorite Place Essay

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My favorite place is my grandmother’s house, and l like to be there every weekend. It’s large and big, almost two thousand meters in front of sea side. Every Thursday, we gather there with all family members. Sometimes we invite our friends to join us there. There is no place like my grandmother’s house.

It is always welcoming everybody. It has two gardens, a swimming pool, a long car garage, and domestic animals. I will give you a small description for the two gardens at my grandmother’s house. When you enter through the gate, you will find on your left hand the first garden.

My grandmother and the gardener were planting the beautiful trees and plants you have ever seen in Kuwait. Also you can hear the sounds of birds chirping and the sounds of pets. The next garden is on the other side of the house, facing the seaside. When you enter, you will smell scents.

Such as; Jasmine, basil, cloves, and sea smell. The house from inside is very interesting because it has a modern mixed with classic furniture. It has a huge classic gate. Then on the right hand, you will find long stairs, and on the left side a wide area and in the middle a round table.

In front of you, there is a living room, where we sit together there. It always feels cheerful, enjoyable, and welcoming. Next to the living room, you will find the dining room with a huge long table, enough for almost all the family members. My aunty always adds other long tables for the kids. We spend amazing time when we eat there; it is crowded and noisy when everyone wants to talk. On the second floor, you will find eight bedrooms with their bathrooms and a little preparatory kitchen. In the summer, we spend all of our time swimming in the pool or in the sea.

It has a large and deep swimming pool. My aunt bought a jumping slide for the children to jump. That item makes us crazy and mad. Sometimes we sleep in my grandmother’s home specially to swim at nights in the moonlight. It is an amazing feeling. In the summer holiday, we were spending wonderful when my mother and father decide to let us sleep at my grandmother’s house. We are three sisters, three brothers, and with my cousins. We are about fifteen kids. We look like a gang and make my grandmother and aunt angry.

We spend the most enjoyable days at my grandmother’s swimming pool and gardens. At the end, I like my grandmother’s house, and I have plenty of good memories with all my family members. Now, the house has the same smell. It is mix between flowers and incense smells. In weekends and summer holidays’ we spend the most enjoyable time there. My grandmother let to us sleep in her house, plays in the garden, and swims in the swimming pool or the sea. Thanks to my grandmother, mom, dad, aunties, uncles, and nannies who had been patient with us.

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