My Favorite Holiday Destination Essay

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My Favorite Holiday Destination

I have been going to Lumina resort my entire life. Even though my teenage years, where it seemed nothing could entertain my adolescent attitude, I looked forward to vacationing on the lake of bays every summer. As a child, I recall Petticoat. For a few hours every day my parents got a break to do as they pleased, as my sisters and I made crafts, learned songs, played games, and heard stories. It was also a great way to make friends with other children visiting the resort. Lumina always has great Petticoat leaders. The children just adore them; always sitting on their laps, waving at them in the dining room, or dragging along their ankles when the week is over and it’s time for goodbyes! Returning as a teenager never seemed like a lame family holiday. With all the returning friends I had made in years previous, the activities and fun seemed endless. Tubing became a sport to us. Lounging in the sun never seemed so relaxing – with the waves licking the shores and the breeze coming off the bay. I learned how to wakeboard at Lumina; the staff spent countless years helping me stand up on the wake, and never grew tired of my mistakes.

Movies in the TV room, playing cards on the deck, eating junk food in the beautifully preserved cabins. All great memories. Every night we would sneak to Frosties – the on-resort convenience store – and get a little something sweet to enjoy. As a young adult, I can’t say I’ve ever had such a great time. The lake of bays club always promises something fun. Wine and Cheese night starts everyone off at the beginning of the week to meet new guests and reconcile with old friends. Poker, pool, and darts allow for good fun with fellow vacation-goers. Live entertainment is my family’s personal favourite.

Tobin – the artist that has been recruited for the past few years – is amazing, and keeps the audience dancing, drinking, and having fun. Karaoke night is the night to let loose and show all your new and old friends your talent. Of course, the beach, water activities, sports, tournaments, and excursions are just as much fun in adulthood as they were in childhood. The chef, Shawn, makes some of the best dishes I’ve ever tasted. Whether it’s a classic Caesar salad, or a new recipe, Shawn always promises taste and quality. One of the best benefits to Lumina is the food is included in the price. For your vacation period, you do not have to cook once (this is a great thing for mothers!). The staff are some of the most sociable, and helpful individuals. Tec and Vicky (the owners) can always be found if something needs to be done, or assisted with.

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