My Father Will Always Be My Hero and Role Model

They said my father would be the ideal dad for any kid out there. That he would hang out with you everyday, and has the best sense of humor out there. If you needed help or advice it was said that he would be there in the snap of a finger. His sense of humor was golden, if you were upset he would have the perfect joke to tell you to cheer you up. He was okay with taking jokes towards him also.

If you said a joke about him he would laugh with everyone. He loves to laugh no matter what mood he is in or condition he is in. Most kid’s dads aren’t home half the time or until later at night. My dad made sure he got home five minutes before I did everyday so he could help me with homework or if everything is going good at school. Every time I walked through the door he was in the kitchen waiting for me.

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I’d sit down and he would ask me how my day was. After homework was done we would hang out until my mom got home.

Whether we played video games, or if the weather was good go play basketball at the park. The best part about all of this is that my father had a smile on his face the whole time, it wasn’t a fake one either. My father would be there for me any second of the day.

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Whether you need help, advice, or you upset and need comforting. It’s as if he has telepathy between the family. So, even when I wasn’t with him I could ask him for help and he would respond the very same minute. My dad is the best man I know he is always looking out for my sister, my mom, and I. This is the perfect father for anybody can ever ask for. He is the backbone for the family. I don’t know what I would do if my father weren’t there for me everyday. He is my perfect dad…

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