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Essay on My Family

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Interactional View Theory and My Family Relationships

I find the Interactional View Theory to be quite on point, and though Griffin found much to critique I might have to disagree and say, while the theory may not be absolutely perfect and one-­hundred percent accurate in every situation, it does apply to most of, at least, my family controversies, for example, this particular incident. From this theory I was made aware of how often I am to quickly ...

The Sweet Old Lady Called Grandma

My grandmother doesn’t have the best memory but she recalls reading the whole bible at least one-hundred times. She was very close in her relationship with God and cared for everyone around her. As far as I would know, my grandmother had no long-holding grudges held against her. My grandmother would also spend well over an hour in prayer for people she hardly knew. I would know because she would...

Story About Myself and My Family

All the girls had prom dates, except me. No one approached me or even mastered the courage to look my way. It was one of the worst days of my life. I spent the night with my mother watching my favorite movie to raise my spirits up. As a result, I decided to embrace my feminine side. I got rid of all the male clothes, started wearing dresses and released my hair. My mum really came to my aid at thi...

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Diary of Boo Radley

Despite their fears of me, Jem and Scout even tried to have a look inside this house once to get a glimpse of me and also tried to communicate with me on several occasions. I have tried communicating with Jem and Scout, by leaving them a trinket or two in the knot-hole of one of the live oaks out the front of our house at night time. After some time, the children began to realise it was me leaving...

The Knight in Rusty Armor Book Review

If you do lose the trust of a person, it should be earned back, but it needs to be realized that you may never have their full trust again. I believe you need to forgive people, but you shouldn’t forget. If you forget what someone did to you that leaves you vulnerable for the same thing happening again. Some of the “knowns” in my life are things such as my routine. I wake up, go to student c...

An Analysis of Coming Home Again by Chang Rae Lee

Now, as I am writing this essay, it also has been the fifth year I studying in U.S., which teaches me how to be resistant and gives me a chance to be more mature; because of this opportunity, similar to Lee, I treasure the memories more than anything and know the significant meaning of the family. Different from Lee, I feel that it has been a great experience to gain more experiences and to be mor...

Memorable Moments with My Sibling

As you can see, during any discomfort Genesis and I will go through, we will always take care of each other. In conclusion, since childhood my relationship with my sister has changed, our communication had faded over time. Some of the friends we spend time with, are the same. When we had gone through any problems, we would help each other. Why is our bond so strong? We had been there for each othe...

The Modern Filipino Family

I hasten to add that my parents tried their best and I know they loved all of us and wanted the very best for us. I feel immense gratitude and appreciation for the parents I had and the family that I have. They made it possible for me to work hard, have a career I love, have the family and friends who love me, have confidence and healthy self-esteem, have the ability to speak my mind, voice my tho...

The Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me: My Daugter's Birth

Aunt Jamie, My Mother, My Father, and Her Father were there for the birth. They were all so very delighted to watch Madison being born. Her Father Russell was smart and stayed back out of the way and didn’t say a word. It was great to have My Mother and Father there for their first grandchild’s birth. My parents have three children and I am the only girl so this was most likely there only oppo...

Dinner at Uncle Boris's by Charles Simic

Throughout the course of the dinner there were many arguments, but also love and compassion. This can been seen where Simic kisses Uncle Boris on top of the head or when they stay up all through the night talking and eating food. I believe that by using the dialog that the Uncle Borris and the brother used it shows how tight nit the family truly was. During the dinner they displayed affection as w...

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