My Experience Volunteering With Vacation Bible School

Ranging from serving a homeless soup kitchen to cleaning the environment, I have participated in many service events, Every year I am to serve in a wide range of projects to achieve a set amount of hours, For my junior year hours, I volunteered at two vacation bible school projects, each requiring 10 days of work I had to wake up early to set-up all the sets, crafts, decorations, etc for the first five days, and then I had to watch kids participating for the next five days, I have been spiritually and physically strengthening volunteering and helping in this amazing experience.

The children just lightened my mood to see how much enthusiasm and fun they were having. They were learning more about God as I was, and it truly brought us closer Heaven, Knowing that I helped the kids come closer to God will impact the future in doing good. Vacation Bible School allows God’s love to come to life like never before.

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..touching lives, awakening hearts, and drawing kids and adults closer to Christ. The children have an amazing time trying out new games, songs, awesome science experiments, meeting Saints from our Catholic Tradition, and more during this firsthand adventures into God’s endless love.

Through my volunteer help, preschool and elementary-age children learn basic lessons about Jesus through Bible lessons, The overarching themes are that God, through Jesus, provides the essentials of hope, courage, direction, love, and power & when life changes, or is scary, or is sad,, God is good.

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Going into this service at first, I was very awkward and confused on what to do. I never really helped a group of many children hands-on, so I was scared in a weird way After the first day of watching them, I quickly adapted and knew more about them, I learned that I get along with kids well which was very surprising to me. My service project goes well along the lines of Catholic Social teachings. It helps the disadvantaged children and unknowing kids learn more about God. This volunteer work truly impacted my life and will be a must for future volunteer work.

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