My Experience Of Junior Achievement

For those interested in improving their academic capabilities and interests, or investigating their future college life and success, have to say goodbye to remedial classes and welcome new challenges.

It may seem that high school course selection does not matter. However, course choices build up important life skills such as getting involved in what interest you the most and trying something new in which will help you in the real world. I believe that courses that students are taking in high school should be more relevant to their field of study so that they can decide to a better major of their choice and having a marvelous background about their study already in high school.

Younger students may be on the verge of finding their reason for being or they may feel completely lost and not sure what to do after high school because they do not get enough support from their peers. parents. The best way to help the youngest students find their way is for parents to start asking their younger children to ask about their goals and what they want to be when they grow up.

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So that they can develop their interest from their childhood.

Course choices can help fix many students problems related to major choices, extracurricular activities and therefore high school students should learn to rely on a variety of majors over courses choices as their main source of success.

Many students have different passions and interests. For example students who want to major in biology spend too much time taking other courses like foreign language.

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These are requirements to graduate. But instead students should be putting their focus on what really matters in their future career in order to prepare them for the real world and life after high school. Students may be required to select their own course choices so that they take much effort and time to learn very well the materials so that they can take the exams based on what they learned but our education system students are putting in too much of their time in courses that will not be beneficial in their careers. When high schools offer courses like nurse assistant classes, public speaking, student will be willing to take these courses because they know what they will advantage from these in which it will absolutely help them in their life. Students can use their knowledge learned in high school classes to their real life and careers, and that will be an outstanding outcome.

Many students are taking advanced courses just because they think it will look good in their college applications but after all they didn’t learn enough materials. According to Yale’s Undergraduate Admissions webpage, ” It will be far more interested to see that you have challenged yourself with difficult coursework, and have done well.” They do not focus on whether you have taken any specific course.This means that students can do very well in their classes if they are taking classes that they feel more interested about. Taking advanced courses is the opportunity to explore new materials and develop your new skills in which will help students to choose their activities because they pleasure, intrigue, and challenges them but not because they think it will be impressive in their application” sometime students are taking classes with ignorance.

According to MIT, “Go out of your way to find projects, activities, and experiences that stimulate your creativity and leadership, that connect you with peers and adults who bring out your best, that please you so much you don’t mind the work involved…What we really want to see on your application is you being you – pursuing the things you love, growing, changing, taking risks, learning from your mistakes, all in your own distinctive way”. Students should pursue what they love and that have to start in high school so they students can find their passions.

Counselors should be willing to help students selecting their courses based on their future careers not just to give them courses that they feel like a students should take. Most of the students are repeating the same classes over and over again because they don’t really have enough support from their counselors. In addition, me personally, when I moved to the United States I didn’t know how American education system work so my classes was been selected based on what my counselors though it will be the best for me without my concerns. Later on I had noticed that I have been repeating the same classes in which I didn’t even need in the first place and I think that was a waste of my time.

For example, I have already taken a biology course, PE …, in which I received credit and which appears in my transcripts, but after one year, my adviser recommended to follow them again and, as I did not know how America education system work, I had again took theses courses that I did not need.

I think counselors should sit with students discussing their interest and their future careers not just selecting courses base on that students may become more clearly to make a good decision in their life.

Students should test their knowledge based on the classes that they taking so that they can deeply prepare for the exams and instead of taking big final test, we should be taking small exams per semester so that each students can know they levels and what to improve. When each students will get the results of their exams, if they failed each students can easily change their interest or trying really hard to improve. Instead of going to college and failing classes after paying for it and start changing major because there’s not a good qualification based on students study. Those who will get better results they will stick with they interest and pursuit it as a major in college because they already have a fundamental background of their major in high school.

High school would be better if more students took classes as part of their future careers. Most students would get more knowledge and they will spend more time learning about what interest them the most and taking the exams to test their knowledge so that they can decide if that what they really want. Furthermore, Students would be more excited to learn If they are receiving more support from the guide counselors including teachers.

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