My Experience in Hospital

Dear Diary,

I am in the hospital, and I have no idea what I am in here for. My name is Bonquiqui and I am currently 7 years old and I immigrated from Antigua with my mom. I have some complicated therapy, called chronic transfusion therapy. Whatever that means. Since I have no idea what is going on in my body, and hospitals are very different in the United States than my home country, my mom had to fill me in. I get really sleepy, and dizzy after I see the doctor because he pokes me with a needle!! My mom explained how hospitals work here in the US and that I have to transfer donated blood! The doctors says that chronic transfusion therapy is important for me in order to prevent any other problems.

That seems pretty cool, although it is getting a little bit repetitive, and it is preventing from playing with my friends that I have made in America.

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It is a little bit overwhelming for me, but I think that I will overcome all of the things that I am going through at one point. The other day, the hematologist did a blood transfusion, whatever that means. How is a 7 year old supposed to know all of this?! Also, I had a physical therapist person work on my flexibility and range of motion since I am in bed all of the time. The risks of my treatment include heart failure. Apparently that is a bad thing, as said by my mom.

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The benefits of this are the improvement of heart function, and hopefully not as many of these stupid episodes in later life. I just need to trust that my physical therapist and hematologist know how to do their job correctly to help my health. How does the heart work again? Anyways, this is not fun. At least I get to sleep through these appointments!

See ya later,


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