My Ethics Awareness Inventory Summary Essay

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My Ethics Awareness Inventory Summary

In my Ethical Awareness Inventory I believe in what is right. Ethical awareness is gaining an insight in the perspective of having the determination of what you believe is wrong or right. My beliefs in decision making and obligation are mainly in the core values of the best ethical decision and what core beliefs I believe inspire my values and morality. The core beliefs I chose were character, obligation, results, and equity. I believe an obligation to make the right decision is very important in any decision making process.

Results show how a person can provide the character that motivates them in the equity that is chosen to make the right choice. Factors that influence my decision making is pressure from peers and the pressure from the above, interest groups, personal financial gain, chance to get ahead, limited information to get ahead, convenience, and threats in the workplace that are used if not abiding by the Code of Ethics, which is a document signed when hired at a place of employment.

Ethical Awareness is the key to sound ethical judgment. The answers to the questions posed in the EAI Inventory will assist you to make the “right” decision, but it is important to remember that there is no easy shortcut to ethical decision making. It requires you to make an important personal judgment about a matter that will have a significant impact on the lives of real people—not some faceless mass (Ethics Awareness Inventory, 2011).

Obligations category defines my selections as individuals that I may work with as argumentative about the society who may not be able to work in their own best interest. Obligations to me are very important and need to look at as being at the top of a list and adhered to as promises made to be taken care of as soon as possible. In my own life the results have pretty much matched on how I am in real life, especially the personal financial gain. I always run short of money and looking for more ways to earn more. Another way is more information being available to me.

I always have been willing to learn as much as I can to know about my tasks and duties within a job or even in my personal life. I was raised with strong personal ethics and apply those to my professional and personal life. In the educational field I have learned that ethics in decision making can be different than what I believe. My decision making is of right or wrong. In a professional setting the decision making can be one or the other due to the Code of Ethics and the supervisors that are the last say in a decision.

My thinking has been altered to some point to obligations as to the community and diversity which shows how much we should think about the other cultures that have issues that need assistance and our ethical views which are a difference than what most are altered from my core beliefs. Reference Williams Institute(2011). (6th ed): www. ethics-twi. org [email protected] org. Retrieved April 23, 2012 from: https://ecampus. phoenix. edu/secure/aapd/Vendors/TWI/EAI/

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