My Essay on Communication With a Younger Brother

When I was told about this assignment, and what I had to do, I had no idea what I would write my paper on. I have lots of experience with many different things, like music and softball, yet I still didn’t know what to do at all. Then, I thought of my younger brother, and I had a perfect idea. I have years of experience dealing with him, and I feel that I could most definitely write a paper on how to deal with a younger sibling.

Use the golden rule (treat others the way that you want to be treated) – This is always a good idea and a good way to go about life, but if your younger sibling doesn’t treat you this way, then there is no reason why they should deserve the golden rule applied to them I have a friend who would never tell on her brother when he snuck his phone into his room and stole candy, but when she would do similar things, this younger brother would go running to their parents and tell everything.

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This is an example of a younger sibling not applying the golden rule to you, so there is no need to apply this to them.

Don’t be a tattletale – This is a good idea, unless your younger sibling is a tattletale then, by all means, tattle all you want. It really depends on what you are tattling about, and if you put yourself into your sibling’s shoes, would they tattle on you in this situation and expose you in front of your parents.

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It also depends on what your parents would qualify as a “tattling worthy.’ If your parents become upset when you tattle on your sibling over a little thing, then tread carefully. However, if your parents don’t care, then take the chance to tattle on your sibling at every reasonable opportunity. This will build you up in the eyes of your parents and make you seem more trustworthy while making your sibling seem like a deceitful troublemaker.

The youngest child is the favorite child – This is, in my experience, almost never true. The younger sibling is the one who thinks that they can get away with anything, and sometimes they do, and sometimes they don’t. If you, as the older sibling, generally listen to what your parents say and sneak around what they don’t say in a well-planned way, your younger sibling will be framed and you will be seen as an angel. The younger sibling hasn’t been around as long and doesn’t know how to perfect a lie and make it believable.

I believe that these three pieces of advice will be enough in helping you deal with your younger sibling. I hope that you will use this advice well, and follow it carefully otherwise, you may end up as the least-favorite child, and that situation is never a good idea.

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