My Dream City Concept

If I were to design a city it would be on a island, big, a getaway place or just a place to call home. My city will have parks, roller coasters, waterfalls, shopping places.

My city would be called Paradise city that is off the coast of the Tropicana Ocean on a big island in the middle of nowhere. I chose to call my ocean Tropicana because it has such a nice tropical name to it and since my dream city is on an island I thought that would be the perfect name! Now I would want my city in the middle of nowhere because It is nicer to not be crowded with a bunch of people instead of having so many people to where you can’t get around.

The Tropicana Ocean would be a very beautiful place to swim or just sit on the sand and listen to the waves crashing. Think about sitting with your family enjoying the beautiful weather and having a great time on the beach! I think that would be the best days of my life.

Everyone would like to know how you would get to the island. You would be flying over to the island because you wouldn’t be able to drive over since its water. I would like to say buy some plane tickets and come on down and have some fun.

I would design my city to where it would have many things you can do. First thing I would have on it is a water park! The water park will have sprinklers and rides that go through water and slides that lead to the ocean and things that would make you never want to leave.

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Another thing I would want is at least one waterfall and it would have colorful lights behind it to where when the water is rushing down it looks like there is color in the water.I think kids would love to see a colorful waterfall and maybe even have a picnic area for them to have lunch and look at the waterfall. At the waterfall there would be steps you walk down to get closer to it and a railing to make sure that everyone stays safe. There would be lots of shopping places such as clothing stores, swimwear stores and restaurants that would have sea food or anything you would like!

For this paragraph, I would like to talk about pets. If you come to my city and you have pets at home but you can’t leave them I would like you to know that pets are allowed her as long as you clean up behind them. I know how hard it is for you and your pets when you leave them. Any animal is allowed as long as they do not bite anyone and are friendly. There will be a pet store for you to buy toys for your pets and treats and anything you can think of that your dog would love! You would be able to get you pet a ice cream cup with a treat on top so they can enjoy the time you are at my city as much as you would! The last thing I would want to say for this paragraph is that all pets are welcomed as long as they follow the guidelines.

For transportation, there wouldn’t be much use of cars or buses so I have decided that everyone would use bikes or scooters. Bikes and scooters would give advantages to people because they can fit through small places and you can talk to people when you pass them and maybe even make some friends on the way. It may seem a little strange that I would want to use bikes and scooters but They can be very enjoyable when you are biking with your friends or you go bike to get some ice cream and sit on the beach. Even on a hot day you can take a bike down to get some drinks and then go swimming! If a family came and they had some children they would love to ride bikes on the beach! All though bikes may seem harmless they aren’t always such as when you are going to fast and hit a rock so when people would be using them they will always need to be wearing a helmet whether they want to or not.

This time I would like to talk about who would live there. I will allow anyone to live there as long as they clean up their trash and be respectful to the people around them. As long as you are respectful to others then I respect you! In my city you always clean up after yourself even when your at the water. I don’t want to see birds and the water life animals get hurt because someone did not want to pick up a piece of trash. If you are at my city and you see a piece of trash or anything that looks harmful please pick it up and throw it in the trash before an animal gets hurt. No animal should have to suffer because someone did not want to walk to the trash and in my city if you clean up trash you will get cash reward.

Overall this is my dream city! I hope if it was a real place that people would come and stay and have a great time. I would love to be able to go to a place like my dream city and just be able to sit on the beach and eat ice cream! You have to be creative sometimes and let your imagination talk for you! This is my dream city I hope everyone reading this loved it!

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