My Decision to Enroll in College Essay

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My Decision to Enroll in College

People have different reasons and point of views why it is important for them to enroll in college. Basically, achieving a degree is a stepping stone to reach one’s goals. For me, I enroll in college, definitely, because it is a given fact and expectation that after high school, I need to choose a course and to enroll in an institution where I want to obtain my degree. First, I figure out what I want, what I really want to do in life. Whatever my decision is, it is anchored to what I yearn to do and to achieve in life.

Definitely, I do study hard in order for me to achieve high grades and to have flying colors during graduation. I want to satisfy my parents’ expectations on me so I certainly do my best in every subject. I make sure that I devote my time equally; however, it is not always applicable in my schedule because there are times when I find it arduous to understand some of the topics in some of my subjects so I give more time on the difficult ones. I believe that learning is an on-going process. The strategies of my professors in presenting the lessons each day have a great impact on me.

Whatever the technique is, it may be visual aids like movies, slide shows, etc, it definitely helps me in comprehending the lessons very well. Professors, indeed, affect my moods and enthusiasm. I like creative and unconventional professors. The professors and their teaching techniques and strategies contribute to my enthusiasm and motivation to do very well in class. Nevertheless, if I do not like the professor due to his/her temperament and conventional ways of teaching, I still do my best to grasp every learning and knowledge that s/he bestows.

Because there are a lot of ways to learn, I believe that it is not just confined to the four-corner rooms of the university. Outside or extracurricular activities such as fieldtrips, research or case study competitions, internships or on-the-job trainings will definitely help me realize my potentials and will definitely aid me to reach for my goal. Gaining experiences outside school’s four-corner rooms enable me to be more confident, more competitive and more competent. I have been brought up by my parents in an authoritative way.

They are neither over-protective nor over-domineering. They make me speak and explain my side every time I commit a mistake; in return, they do listen and reprimand me accordingly. For me, they are the best paragons. Because of that, I yearn to do the same for my children. I will not be the authoritarian parent just like some of my friends’ and classmates’ parents. If it is already time for them to enroll in college, I will just let them choose what course they want to take.

I will not intervene with what they want because definitely, intervention to a person’s likes and wants affect his/her enthusiasm to perform well. The drive and the motivation to reach for their goals will, indeed, slow down. Advices, motivations and anecdotes from my experiences in college will help my children in challenging them to excel higher. If I have made it, I believe that they, too, can. From the very start, I will condition them to manage their time properly but not intervening too much to what they really want to do because I might suffocate them.

They will just probably yearn to be a bird, not the droopy one… but the free bird that spreads its wings and soars high. Enrolling in college and obtaining a degree are the stepping stones to have a good future, a stable job and a career. It helps people in realizing their goals and visions in life. My current career and our status in life is the best evident that I can show them with regards to the benefits of pursuing a degree in college. They need not be bums or dependents for the rest of their lives.

Graduating in college allows a person to stand on their own feet. Whatever course they want to take, it is important for them to know that it is a competitive world out there. If someone yearns to have a high paying job, s/he must choose the in-demand courses like those under Technology, Business, etc. Each one must be acquainted with marketing strategies such as knowing the appropriate advertisements. Or being aware of the latest technology, which is now evolving to be wireless.

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