My daughter smokes Essay

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My daughter smokes

We often think that refering people to supporting groups is enough to quit smoking, however how about if instead we educate them so that they won’t even start smoking as walker mention “peace on earth begins at home”, meaning that we need to educate our children and surrounding about smoking and its concecuenses. Smoking not only causes health problems, it can also cause economic problems, and can harm those around you. Smoking can have many negative impacts regarding your health it can cause bronchitis, pneumonia, and emphysema.

According to the center for disease control and prevention “smoking causes 1 in 5 strokes in the United States”, Menaning that a person that smokes has a higher risk of having a painful and agonizing death compare to a non-smoker person. Smoking can harm not only you but also those arounfd you. People who smoke in public make choicea for others. for example, when you smoke around a 5 year old tou are basically making a choice for them making them a second hand smoker. Also, when you start suffering smoking consequences you dont do it alone because you family will suffer along with you.

In addition, smoking can not only cause health problems but economically as well. A packet of cigarettes cost o8.75 an avarage smoker smokes about 2 packets a day, which will make an average of 3200 to 6400 per year.this money can be used for food and or clothing. Also, because of the health problems that smoking will cause, smokers smokers will have to spend a alot of money on health care.

In conclusion, we need to educate our familiar, and friends regarding smoking. Smoking its a very additive habit that will make you nicoti e dependent. Therefore when you try to quit it comes with withdrawal symptoms, to avoid withdrawal symtomps from smoking the best choice is to never start. Smoking will not only damege your health it will also damage you economically, and also thos around you.

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