My Community Service Award Essay

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My Community Service Award

Every individual desires to be recognized. It is a nice feeling that people around you are happy to what you are doing and even give a recognition that will definitely make the awardee motivated to do better in every endeavor that he is going to do in the future. This kind of once in a lifetime recognition has come to my life unexpectedly. It is truly a great experience that cannot be bought by money. This event is so close to my heart that until I become old, I will not stop telling my grandkids about the honor which the community coalition has given me.

Each year, community coalition called Building a Better Bensalem Together has a luncheon and I was given Bensalem’s community service award of the year in 2007. My heart pounds very fast as I receive the award and I do not know at that time where to put the happiness that I feel. It is indeed a surprise because I really lend my hand without any expectations to be recognized because all I want to do is to help. The award I received was from the Mayor of my township Bensalem, PA. As a recognized awardee, it makes me really feel fulfilled and happy.

I am glad that people see my worth as a volunteer in our community coalition. Although I have experienced tough times during the service that makes me down sometimes yet it paves away when I see everything is in place. Moreover, as a young individual, I tend to see myself helping my community. In my point of view, lending a hand is a good act of love to others. It is a great feeling that you make other people happy. I never withhold myself in serving my community because for me it is a privilege that not all people are given the chance to do so.

In addition, I have been volunteering for our community coalition called Building a Better Bensalem Together for 7 years. Throughout those years of serving, I learned to communicate and deal with various kinds of people from different walks of life. Although at the start it was a bit difficult because I have to adjust with different personalities and characters yet these make me more dedicated to learn the crop. I started to love this kind of service of our community coalition and never tired of doing good to others.

Thus, this opportunity developed my patience and concern for the betterment of my community. Another thing I learned from volunteering is that, it develops my leadership as an individual. When I worked with the community coalition, I have the chance to make decisions for the betterment of the community and conducted some activities and projects that were also successful and have contributed to the progress and development of my community. In addition, as I search myself, I discovered that my growth in leadership have improved my common sense especially when making decisions for the community.

Well, many people might laugh of what I say but that is the fact. Even though how good a person is in leading people but without common sense in performing the activities, it is still nothing. Common sense is very important in leading people because it is a practical intelligence and tact in behavior. Common sense is a product of individual experience gained through contact with practical problems of life and through lessons derived from success and failure. Furthermore, every time I deal with people, I always remind myself to be kind and polite and take things easy.

If ever we encounter some dilemmas in the community coalition, I always welcome suggestions from my co-workers and then present my options of what to do however I never impose my ideas to them because I want to see one by one working hand-in-hand for the benefit of everyone. In conclusion, I would I say that giving your time and effort in helping others is a noble and right thing to do. I am happy that I have undergone this kind of experience because it makes me a better person and a chance to experience of receiving an award from honorable Mayor of PA. Everyone dreams of it I guess and I am fortunate and blessed enough to be chosen as one.

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