My College Experience in University of La Salette Essay

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My College Experience in University of La Salette

A Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from a private university, La Sallete revels in my undergraduate days and shares the ups and downs of transitioning from secondary school to college. Along the way in second semester I found a little bit more worried. The college experience is one that holds many pleasant memories for me. I began the journey as a scared rat out in the open desert that have many prediators, but made the best of it and I think forward to become a willful man. It all started after I completed secondary school knowing that the next sure step was College, which made me worried and every thought of it. It started from “What should I study?” to “Where should I go?” and ended with the fear, “Will I survive on my own?” The saddest thing about embarrass on this journey towards my tertiary education is that many childhood high school friends have to be left behind and many times than not, the comfort of your own home as well.

With all this in mind, I began for my search and discovered that Business Administration Major in Marketing was best suited for me in terms of course outline and career pathway. I enrolled in a college in U.L.S which meant that I had to stay out, as it was ridiculous to think of travelling to and Santiago from Roxas every week. I signed up for my courses for the First semester I enrolled in University of La Salette – Roxas Campus. The experience is good but I have a feeling that I don’t deserve to study again in our home town so in second semester I decided to transfer in the main campus of U.L.S which in Santiago City. Picked out a room or a boarding in Santiago nearby in the school campus is hard because there is a lot of room to offer but minimal the quality I want. But in my 2 semester of college and first time in Santiago I choose a boarding near in our school. In my first day of staying in our boarding I met my entire roommate which is kaka, graysom and jp and then we waited for the first day to begin. I distinctly remember stepping into my first class.

The lecturer was rather amusing and he gave us time to settle in that day. It wasn’t as bad as I’d thought it would be. In fact I suddenly found myself gaining more confidence and determination from that week on. I began reshaping my work style and schedule to fit into the mold of college life! The first thing that hit me was the workload. It was definitely much heavier and intense than what I was used to in high school. The major challenges to get past were the large volumes of reading, the short deadlines and the intensive writing, writing and more writing. On some of these long, seemingly endless nights of mugging the books and writing, it is only natural for one to long for the good old days when friends were around to mull over a problem together and my step mother was there to take care of my dietary needs and quick fixes of rice and egg. But hang in there. Trust that this will pass when morning comes. Whatever you do, don’t make major decisions about your courses, your major or even what you’re going to do the next day during one of these down periods.

However, even with these initial challenges, college was the phase in my life where I started finding myself. I grew to learn what I really like and dislike, what work style was best suited for me and most importantly what I was naturally good at. In other words, being forced to be independent was push in action that I needed at that time. Once I grew comfortable with myself, I began to enjoy the difficulty to detect opportunity given; to meet new friends. I ran for student council when I was in Roxas Campus and elected as business manager of the board but it was cancelled when I was transfer here in Main Campus and I also joined in Filipino Club. Getting involved in Filipino Club and handling “Buwan ng Wika”was challenging. I wanted to excel academically and get good grades but I realized that in spending most of the day in college, I had to give more to gain more.

But in Santiago it is different story, it is hard to get grade and there is a lot of attraction that attract me to be stun and relax my life but that is not a good thing because when I discover that when I enjoying my grade is falling. One thing I remember best is when we have a commercial competition we try our best and give the entire thing that we have. The completion is about radio commercial and T.V commercial in T.V commercial lost and I think we are 5 or 4 placer but in our radio commercial we won and we accepted to the final exam. In this competition I meet new friends and enemy in the sense of competition. In this past 2 ½ years experience a lot, experience that remarkable in my life, to be drunk, to be bullied or bullying anyone, to be love and to be unloved.

I learn a lot of these college life but now I see myself that many thing have change to me, my pubic hair was grow, voice was become loud, attitude that even my father didn’t know me now, but even they see me like that I always say that I am Jhon Marco S. Bulanadi yes is a change man but a man with experience that will suited in the outside world of college that prepare in the true life and not scenario anymore. These moments are the special things in college that one will not get to experience at work or elsewhere. All in all I found college life to be demanding and unexpected, but I had my fair share of fun, and that’s what mattered most. I successfully made the transition from high school, to college, to the working world, with my sanity and health intact. Considering all things past, I would change if I had a chance, developed new skill if ever it is needed, Iam a innovative person that willing to change every day if it is needed.

THE HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES THAT I EXPERIENCE AND MY LEARNING FROM THESE ABUSES Human rights are basic freedoms that all people are entitled to enjoy. But in every place even where human rights are acknowledged, people may not enjoy them equally. I experienced human rights abuse when I was still young. I was 7 yrs old when I had a teacher who was very cruel and strict. There was a time when I came to school late and she let me stand under the sun f0r a very long time. My freedom from cruelty and punishment was violated. Another is when my phone was confiscated at school and my teacher read all my text messages without my consent.

She violated my privacy. My right to freedom of religion was also violated when someone was asking me to join a religious group even when I already said no because I am already happy with a religion I am already engaged with. I also have experienced inequality both at home and school. My parents sometimes do not treat us equally. Sometimes they give everything that my siblings ask for but when it comes to me, it takes much time and effort to convince them. In school, some teachers do not give equal and reasonable grades with students who exerted equal efforts. Sometimes, they give higher grades to their favorite students. As a human being, we should treat each other equally. We are all entitled to human rights regardless of age, race, color, sex, language, religion, property, birth, nationality an economic status. And of course, we should always remember the golden rule; do not do unto others what you don’t want others do unto you.

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