My Christmas Break and Incident That Changed My Life

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Christmas break was a time for great changes in my life. During this time period I managed to lose connection with the entire other side of my mother’s family due to this incident that you could say changed my life completely. To make a long story short, intentions for visiting my grandma were misinterpreted and it lead to the last time I was able to see her. I have never regretted anything in this life, but I regret going to my grandma’s house over Christmas break.

Over Christmas break I was told that I would have to take care of my grandmother during her period of recovery after her hip replacement. She had no one else and I didn’t mind because as of lately I felt like our relationship was fading. So naturally I jumped at the opportunity to be with her and catch up. I caught the earliest bus to her house and was soon on my way.

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I was so anxious to get there, during the ride there, I thought about what we would do and what we couldn’t do due to her limited mobility. I had not seen her in almost a year so seeing her in this state would be a shock.

She couldn’t walk and was barely able to get out of the bed when I got there. I had never seen her so weak and disabled; it broke my heart. Everything needed to be done for her from the cooking down to washing her.

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Over the course of the break I had planned on becoming her twenty-four- hour nurse, but not all things happen the way you plan. She was so happy that I was there, she told me that it was the happiest she had been in a while and that money was tight so she wouldn’t be able to give me much or any money at all. I never wanted her money; this might be corny but her happiness was a good enough payment for me. Money had always been tight in my grandma’s house; my uncle was the only one working since my grandma hip started to give out. The first night I was there she told me to make her soup, but I couldn’t find the can opener. The can opener was in the drawer and I had finally found it. (Remember this scene because it will come in hand in the next paragraph).

The next morning, she told me to look in the drawer for a yellow envelope that contained a check. This was the same drawer that the can opener was in the night before. The envelope wasn’t in the drawer, but apparently it was in there the night before. She had either lost or misplaced the check, but she couldn’t remember where she had put it. I looked everywhere for this check but couldn’t find it; my uncle even looked for it. This check was going to be used to pay the gas and electric bill, so it was of the upmost importance that we find it. We had spent the entire day looking for it until my grandma got to the point where she gave up. She knew she had misplaced it and just wanted to think. She sent my uncle and I to the grocery store for ingredients to make the perfect sandwich, but we never made it to the grocery store.

My uncle had grabbed the keys and told me that we were going to go through the garage to get to the car which was odd because I was already at the front door. Once we had finally got to the garage he locked the door and asked me, “Where is mama’s (we call my grandma mama) check”? And I said “I don’t know where it is; she said she misplaced it”. He accused me of taking the check saying that her favorite grandchild came all this way to steal from us knowing that we are struggling. I was at a loss for words I continued to say that didn’t take it, but he didn’t believe me. He had finally go to the point where he was tired of listening to me “lie” and he wanted to take some action. He picked up a wooden pole and began to swing it at me saying where the check is.

I knew at this point that I had to get out of there or I was going to get hit. I ran to the door as fast as I could and darted to my grandma’s room. She didn’t know what was going on at all. I told her everything and she kicked him out. I never felt do afraid in my entire life and I didn’t want to be at her house anymore. I called my mom and told her everything. She got me on the next bus home as soon as possible. That was the last time I saw my grandma and it had to be the saddest moment of my life. Why would he accuse me of all people? My intentions were only to spend the break taking care of her. She cried as my mom told her that we were never coming back saying that she didn’t want to live if she couldn’t see her grandchildren again. I had only lasted last about two days out of the entire break.

A couple days later I got a call from my uncle saying that they had found the check under some of the other bills. I didn’t care at all; my heart had already hardened from the incident. He said “I thought you would steal from mama; because who else would come this far to take care of her. And I said “me” then hung up. The fact that he would think I would steal from her or them rocked my world completely. My view of my family and our ties together had changed and I don’t it can ever go back. I wasn’t some stranger on the street; I was his niece, that he had seen grow up from birth and the fact that all of that went out of the window when once check was misplaced, hardedned my heart forever.

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