My childhood memory that still occurs today Essay

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My childhood memory that still occurs today

I don’t know why I’m surprised about this as it’s happened before and still is today. Looking back at it now has made me a lot more confident and I feel a lot stronger than I was before. This all happened 10 years back from now how I had an operation on my eyes that didn’t go to plan and left me with bad results to my eyes as one was squint and the other was just normal. Knowing I had to go to school with these effects was terrifying, nerve-racking, scary, and I had this gut feeling that I wasn’t going to be good enough for anyone. Every day that went by was emotional and upsetting to not only me but to my mum too as she knew what it felt like to be bullied. Each day I came home from school with tears streaming down my face, she knew something was wrong and as I was so young she had no idea what to do but to comfort me and sometimes it wasn’t always like that… she would sometimes and sit there and cry because she wanted to help and also the fact she hated seeing her children cry/ be upset. From day one I was given a nickname which was named 4- eyed Katherine and now growing up it has came to me that my new nickname is cock-eyed Katherine. As it’s been so long ago that this all started I can actually still remember an incident that happened due to the disaffect in my eyes. The school bell rang for home time, I was so happy to be going home.

I remember running to the door with my big heavy schoolbag that was twice the size of me. I waved all the teachers goodbye and opened the door to see a few guys I knew that were in my class standing just outside to the left of the school door…I hated each and every one of them that were there. One of the boys within the group said hello so I just ignored him and walked on by then I heard someone shout from the group “oi, Katherine come here”, I didn’t want to go as I just wanted to get home so I ignored them again was halfway down the playground. After having been ignored twice they decided to come over to me, they all circled around me. Next thing I knew I was thrown to the ground; they all spat on me and called me 4-eyes. I seen that they had on roller-blades, they started kicking me with them…it hurt me like mad. By this time I was crying and screaming for help. I could hear someone from the far end of the playground shouting “leave her alone”, the boys all ran off and I was left in pain, I couldn’t feel parts of my body. One of the teachers came over and helped me up also took me back to the school to get me cleaned up. My mum was called and was told about what had happened to me .thinking about it gives me butterflies in my tummy.

Reflecting back 10 years from now is a huge difference but more to the fact that all the bullying hasn’t stopped as it still proceeds today, just like it has for the past 10 years. As I grew up I learnt that not everyone was perfect; everyone has their own flaws and opinions. Looking back from 10 years to now has mostly not affected me as much as it did before but in reality it’s hard to hold back feelings. As it still happens today I don’t really bother about it as basically I’m used to it but sometimes it can go abit too far and it will eventually get to me. There are times that someone has said something either about me or to me and I just simply walk away as people have their own opinions. I don’t understand why they bully me because if it had happened to them they wouldn’t like it. I still have the nickname of cock-eyed Katherine today, I had to wear glasses ever since I had the operation so it would help my eyes get better but every time I took them off everyone just stared at me and laughed and I knew from then that I was going to get bullied and be an easy target. Ever since I had theses glasses everyone kept asking me to take them off just so they could see my eyes and laugh at me. My friends stick by me today and they have for a long time, they have seen me at my worst when all this gets to me and they understand how I’m feeling as they also have been through that stage but not as long as I have though.

There is an incident that happened in 1st year where it was in P.E and we were doing swimming, as I can’t really see without my glasses I had to wear them. I jumped into the water and when I rose to the top I noticed I wasn’t wearing my glasses, they must have fallen off and sunk to the bottom of the pool. I turned around to find everyone in my class staring at me and laughing. One pupil had to swim to the bottom and collect them and from that day in high school I was bullied as everyone knew the me under the glasses. I mean there are also times when I am walking in the corridor of school and people just walk by me and say “look there’s cock-eyed Katherine”, I just don’t listen and just keep on walking. In my own opinion I feel like everyone should be treated equally and fairly, we all came in this world the same way so we should all go out that way too. I would like for all the bullying to stop as I’m fed up of it and it just isn’t fair on me that I’m being picked on when they wouldn’t like it if I were doing it to them.

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