My Challenges Essay

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My Challenges

There is this girl who was undecided as to what she wanted to do for her life. She was hopping from job to job, unsure of where life would take her. Then it all changed one day in June when she peed on a stick. She found out on that hot, sunny day that she was pregnant and her life would forever be changed. It was then that she knew she had no choice but to get her life together. Four years later this girl is exactly where she wants to be.

The girl that I described in the previous paragraph is me and my story of my life before I had responsibility and before I grew up to make my life better. I have worked in the health care field for almost three years now. I started out as a certified nursing assistant for a huge company. I was at that company for a year and a half before I started to feel like I wanted more out of life, something more fulfilling. Shortly after looking for a new job I was hired by a small mom and pop company for a management position.

It was at this time I knew I wanted to get a degree in health care management. I have been taking classes since the beginning of 2012. I have noticed some common denominator’s in my struggles and challenges to complete my homework. My main overall challenge is time management, being broke down my biggest struggles come from working full time, wanting to spend time with my Kaylee and finally having a lack of motivation to complete homework for certain classes.

The first huge challenge to having time for school and getting my homework done is my full time job. As I previously stated I am a manager at an assisted living. I sometimes feel like all I do is work. I am at my facility from eight in the morning until five in the afternoon, Monday through Friday. Because I am the manager I sometimes have to take my work home with me. I have my phone ring at least once or twice a night with my employees calling to ask me questions or report a new concern with a resident. This makes it hard for me to concentrate on school; especially since working this much makes me miss my little one.

Bringing me to my second biggest challenge; the small amount of free time I do get I want to spend it with Kaylee. She is my pride and joy and growing up at the speed of light right before my eyes. It breaks my heart to hear her over the phone telling me how much she misses me and how much she loves me and wants me to be home with her. She is the person that pushes me to be a better person and finish school. However, she is one of my big challenges to finishing homework because when we are home together I want to have tea parties, play dress up and cashier person.

My last challenege to getting class work done is a lack of motivation. I don’t mind doing homework and going to classes, I simply notice I have a lack of motivation for classes that I am not fully interested in. I would rather relac, watch television, or play instead of doing homework.

To sum all this up I have come to a realization this time around, working fulltime is not going to take over my life anymore. I will be turning my work phone on silent at 7pm every night. As far as Kaylee goes, as much as I miss her she is just as much a cure for my movtivation challenge as she is the cause of it. I now have days and times set aside for just me and Kaylee to do whatever we want. She is also my cure for lack of motivation. She pushes me to be a better person, motivates me to complete everything I start. I also want Kaylee to know that she can do anything she sets her mind to. I want to make her proud of me.

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