My Career in Psychology Essay

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My Career in Psychology

As I was doing the MBTI test, I was thinking about my career goal, and I was hoping, the results gave more motivation to keep studying Psychology. At first, some of the question didn’t make sense to me because they were repeat it, but when I was done with test I started to review the answer sheet and every single that was asked made sense. When I finished reviewing my score my results came to ESFJ.

ESFJ fits perfect with me because I love to work with people; I have always felt that I’m connected to everyone around me and I have to value that connection. I’m hoping to continue to work with people after I accomplish my goal of becoming a therapist or a counselor. As an ESFJ, your method of living is to focus externally, where you deal with things according to how you feel about them, or how they fit in with your personal value system. The secondary method is internal, where you take things n via your five senses in a literal, concrete fashion.

ESFJ is consider to be the caregiver and therefore, people has the options to choose for their career like nursing, teaching, child care, family practice physician, counselors/ social worker, and etc… Like, I have mentioned before I want to be a therapist/counselor and work with the young population. I wan to give back to my community by teaching others that nothing is impossible. I will guide others by example. When I got pregnant at the age of fifteen, people thought that it was going to be end for me. My family used to tell me that I was not going to finish high school or college, and I have proved that they wrong.

I received my high school diploma, and I achieved two associates degree one in Accounting and one in Liberal arts. Through my experiences, I feel more sensitive around other people. I consider myself a caring person who always put others first, and I leave myself last. I’m very please with my MBTI result, and I have no disagreement or question. Now, I know that being sensitive is not a bad thing or weakness. Being sensitive to other is quality because it makes me understand others. ESFJ will keep me motivated to achieve my main goal of becoming a therapist later in my life.

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