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My Career Goals And Aspirations in Aircraft

Categories: Career Goals

My everyday object is an airplane. Usually over all of our breaks I go on vacation. I always get to my destination on a plane. Planes are big and fast and they get you to your destination faster than any other vehicle. Over spring break I went to Israel, an eleven-hour flight. I sat coach and my parents sat in business class. They planes are really nice they have many TV’s on the backs of all seats and the business class has a lot of space to be comfortable.

In business class the seats recline all the way back like a bed, this helps you to sleep and be comfortable the whole flight. They also have pretty good meals and refreshing drinks. In coach the seats are a little bigger than regular airplane seats because the flight is a lot longer and you need more space if you are traveling a longer distance. The flight to Israel was really hard for me because I didn’t sleep but the flight back was easy because I slept almost the whole time.

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All in all the flights were pretty good there and back but not the best thing I’ve ever been through.

The Comfort Within Airplanes have many good aspects. I have many good ideas of how to make the design of a regular airplane better. My first improvement of an airplane is to have fewer seats on it. There are usually 100-150 seats on an airplane. I feel that these many seats on an airplane are to many and it is to tight an uncomfortable for people.

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I want to make it 50-100 seats so the people have more space and are comfortable. This will provide more space for the people and make them have an easy and soothing ride. My second improvement for an airplane is it to be nicer quality.

Instead of the seats they use now, I want to change it to a bigger and more comfortable seat. This will make the customers enjoy the flight, and be happy when they get off. My third improvement for an airplane is for it to go faster. I will get a better and faster engine that will get people to their destination faster. I know that people don’t want to wait for long period of time, this is why my plane will go faster so it is more convenient for the people on it. My fourth and final improvement for an airplane is to have no babies aloud.

First of all for the person who has the baby with them has to take care of it and it is a really big hassle for them. This causes them to be stressed and very hectic the whole time on the airplane. For the people who are on the plane, they have to listen to the loud and annoying cry of a baby. This is something that one doesn’t want to go thru when they are on the airplane for three hours. All in all these are my improvements of an airplane and how I think it will make it better for the people traveling in it. Got Planes?

People around the world have a universal scare for airplanes. There are many negatives to flying, but it’s the only way to get to one country to another. In my mind, planes need some work. There are many things I would like to change when it comes to the normal commercial jet, and I believe that these things would create a more comfortable and relaxing environment for all passengers when flying. The first thing I would like to change about planes is the space they provide for you. On a normal commercial jet they have 100-150 seats, I want to change the number of seats to 50-100.

In my mind this will provide maximum comfort for the passengers. This will decrease the size of the jet but will increase the passenger’s comfort and enjoyment when going to their destination. The second thing I would like to change about planes is the quality and service. In my mind planes should provide bigger seats, full meals, and high-class service. Imagine sitting in your reclining chair getting whatever you want from the provided service on the plane. In my mind this would be the ideal for traveling.

Turning something that most people dislike into something they actually enjoy. In my opinion I would look forward to flying if I were treated this way, and I would be able to find more positives than negatives to flying and would have fun on the plane. The third thing I would like to change about planes is for it to be faster. I would try to install a faster engine into the jet. This would increase the rate at which people fly and get them to their destination faster. It would ultimately make people happier because they wouldn’t have to be on the plane as long.

Shorter plane rides are usually a lot easier to handle, and are more relaxing then long plane rides. The forth and final thing I want to change about planes is for it to have no babies aloud. This makes people annoyed and aggravated because of the sound of the baby. It also makes the person who has the baby with them very frantic and always worrying about the baby. This will make people not able to sleep or relax. All in all these are examples of how I think airplanes should be improved. These are how airplanes can be better than the original version.

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