My career as a Computer Technician

In today’s time, some of the best career choices can be found within technology. A significant part of technology, computers, is an ever changing field, constantly growing and expanding to make newer, faster, better computers. One of the best fields within this division is Computer Technician. There are many reasons why this position is a position that is strived for, and a high demand job position within the workforce. I will explain the three top reasons why anyone would want to be a Computer Technician, and why it’s the best job choice for you.

As you begin to look into the career choice of becoming a Computer Technician, you find out that it is a field in which you repair computers, whether it be hardware or software related. Also, you find out there are requirements needed to become one. First, you have to undergo education. “You can begin preparing to become a computer technician while still in high school.

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Many high schools offer certification training courses or credit towards a 2-year college degree or an associate’s degree. High school graduates can choose to pursue either a 2 or 4 year college program. Many community colleges offer computer technician training programs that focus directly on the actual jobs you will be doing out in the real world. The most important training courses you will need to take are those courses that prepare you for your certification exams! These courses can be taken as part of a degree program or on a stand-alone basis.

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” (n.d.3.)

Coming from education, if you receive the right amount of it, the rewards can be great. “According to the BLS, the median wage of computer repair technicians is $36,000 as of 2011. The highest wages are found in technical and trade schools, at a mean wage of $67,000. Earnings are highest in states on the East Coast, specifically in the northeastern states where the mean wage can reach $41,000-$47,000.” (n.d.2.) This is a very rewarding job, considering the education requirements and the actual pay wage, this is a great start into the field and a great way to get paid! The salary, benefits, and 401k plan that are usually offered are available in this career, as well, depending on which company or place of business you work for.

Coming from benefits and rewards of becoming a Computer Technician, it is also a very flexible field. Hours can be full or part time, pay can be salary or hourly. Considering there is an increase within the job market for Computer Technicians, the flexibility of having more choice in hours and pay is a significant pro to this career choice, as other jobs in other industries do not always allow such flexibility. This career choice is truly an easy one to adapt to.

The requirements of becoming a Computer Technician might be a bit steep, and somewhat tedious to sit through and complete, but the benefits of becoming one are too high to ignore. The ability to stay on the cutting edge of technology, alone, is worth it, but the financial aspect of this career choice is also not one to dismiss as not worth it. Computer Technicians overall are a very admirable field to choose as a career choice, because it truly is a field in which doesn’t require years upon years of education, and the benefits are well worth reaping.


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My career as a Computer Technician

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