My Bucket List: Adopting a Rescue Animal

Bucket List A bucket list is a list of goals you want to accomplish before you die. One might make a bucket list to ensure they accomplish all their goals in life. My personal bucket list consists of many things. Among all these goals, my goal of adopting a rescue animal is one that stands out. First, one should decide whether or not they want a pet, and if they do, what type of animal would be best for them. One should consider if they have the time and resources to give an animal the best home possible.

Depending on the animal, a pet can be very time consuming. You should keep this in mind when deciding on an animal. Dogs are more time consuming and more expensive than cats. If you don’t have much time or resources, cats may be better for you. However, dogs are also much more social than cats, so if you’re looking for constant companionship, dogs may be best, according to PetPlace.

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There are many factors to consider when deciding on a pet, and only you can make the decision.

After deciding what you want, you should decide where to get the animal. From the information at AdoptAPet, rescues are available for adoption at animal shelters, the SPCA/Humane Society, and rescues. On average, adopting a rescue costs anywhe to $355, states Pet360. Dogs and cats are likely to be the only animals available at most locations, but other options may be available elsewhere.

After you get the animal, you need to know how to take care of them.

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There are many types of supplies you need, depending on the animal. When you take them home, it’s best if you give your animal a few days with very little demands or attention. This gives them time to adjust, says the SSPCA. After these few days, start gradually giving them more attention to form a bond with them.

In conclusion, adopting a rescue animal can be difficult, but is often worth it in the end. This places adopting a rescue at the top of my bucket list, making it an important goal to accomplish. What bucket list item should I accomplish next?

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