Election Manifesto: A Vision for China's Future

I was born on May 2nd, 1360 in Nanjing China. You may be surprised to hear this but my father is Emperor Hongwu and my mother is Ma. When my father was young, he was very poor, but not anymore. I am the fourth, of twenty-six sons. I have a wife name Xu, and we got married on February 17th, 1376. We have 3 sons and 5 daughters))First, let me tell you why I'm the best candidate for Emperor. A few things I will be doing that no other candidate will even do are, I will execute voyages across the Indian Ocean with your choice of captain, spreading the glory of China.

I will also try my best to stabilize the country. I don't want my country to be ruled by some ruthless and cruel emperor/empress, like my ??? W? b?b? (my father). I just want to say one thing about my father, everyone my father is a very cruel and ruthless man, and this is coming from his own blood.

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So, everyone please keep in mind that his own son is telling you this.

Now you can think what you want, but I just wanted to tell you that. You may have heard or seen my slogan, if not this is how my slogan goes, vote for me and you will no longer make public works for free. Which means that whatever public work you do, you will get paid for it. I also promise that everyone will get some land, including peasants.

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That reminds me, I heard that one of my opponents, Shi Huangdi, will make all the peasants build a wall without paying them. The peasants deserve to get paid for their hard work. The reason I think Shi Huangdi wants to build a wall is that he is paranoid about death, and he doesn't want anyone to come and kill him. Me on the other hand, I want to keep everyone safe especially women. The people that will protect these women will be EUNUCHS. Eunuchs are not bad people. You may have heard that we cut off their reproductive organs, but there are reasons why we do that! We do that because we don't want them to 'have fun' with the women that they have to protect. It is said, that Shi Huangdi is a legalist. (A legalist is a person who thinks humans are inherently bad and that they will only listen to you if you are extremely cruel, strict and disciplinary). I don't think like that.

I think humans are good, and you can talk to them nicely to get them to listen to you. Also, I won't bury people alive for following Confucius or Laozi thinking, unlike Shi Huangdi I don't care much about what kind of thinking you have or who are thinking you are following, and I don't think anyone wants to get buried alive. Is there anyone in this room who wants to get buried alive? I didn't think so. On the topic of burying and killing people, I promise I won't do anything to anyone to get the throne. I will not try to kill any of you to get it, unlike that W?p? named Wu Zetian. She will go to any limits to become an empress even if it means killing her sister, butchering her brothers, murdering the emperor, or even poisoning her mother. Who knows what she will do to all of you, she might try to kill you if you don't listen to her or you try to take her spot. So, all the other candidates please be careful because we don't know what she will do to become Empress. Now the government, if someone wants to become a government official, they will have to do a small exam.

Anyone can do the exam from peasants to nobles, to the highest class. I won't choose anyone based on their family status. I promise everyone will have a fair chance to do these Small tests. I also promise to make sure everyone can get an education, and all the voices of the people and the government official will be heard. Unlike Taizong, when it comes to taking advice from the people or the government officials, I will make sure to listen and imply some of the advice that you give me. Rumors have it that, Taizong will make an autocratic government, meaning that he will have all the power, and you can't decide for your benefit. Another reason you should vote for me is that I will accept all religions in our country, and I don't discriminate people. I won't force everyone in China to be a Chinese. I also promise that I will not be very cruel when taking over land. I won't kill women, children, important people, and animals. We can get those people to join our country and get them to help China thrive. I heard from one of my friends that Genghis Khan is planning to take over the world and that he will do anything to do it even if it means killing 11% of the world's population, which is about 40 million people.

He won't even spare the women, children, or animals, that can help China thrive. All he wants is more land. It is also said, that Genghis Khan killed his younger brother at the age of 10, for not sharing food with him. So, we don't know what he might do to us if we don't share our resources with him. It is said that if Kublai Khan, who is Genghis Khan's grandson, becomes emperor he will divide the population into three 'races'. Which are the Mongols, the Various (not Chinese), and the Chinese? He will also make all the high government officials Mongol. The Chinese will only be permitted to work in the lowliest offices in the capital. He will make sure that if a Chinese person is found guilty of something, they will be punished much more severely than the Mongols. That is not fair for anyone. Everyone is equal, the rules should be the same for everyone. A few people have stated that Kublai Khan will raise the taxes. Raising the taxes isn't that good. It will be very hard for everyone to pay them off. Another one of my promises is, that I will not raise the taxes, in fact, I will lower them.I talked so much about why you should vote for me and not the other candidates, but you might be wondering about what public works will I do. I will make sure that all of the public works will benefit the public and make sure everyone who helped will get paid.

There are 2 main public work project I want to do if I get elected. As I said before I will execute voyages. To go on voyages, we will need ships. I will also make sure that if Shi Huangdi is elected, and he builds a wall, the wall will be used to keep the people of China safe, a not just used to keep himself safe from dying. You may have already heard about this one from other candidates, but the second public works I would like to build is a Forbidden City. The Forbidden City will be a small city that I will build only for the high officials. The people of China will not be allowed into the Forbidden City, because that small city will be used more meetings and court session to find ways to help China thrive. Usually, the meetings end up taking a very long time. So, when it is time to go home many of the government officials have to travel very far. So, to make it easier for them I want to build a small city. After the meeting is finished, they can go rest in their small homes, and come back tomorrow.)) In conclusion, you should vote for me, because I bring a lot to the plate, and I want to help China flourish. Don't forget the fate of China is in your hands now.

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

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