The Power of Giving: Meaningful Gifts for Special Occasions

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A gift is an object which is given freely without expecting anything from the nearest and dearest on a particular occasion as a token of expressing their gratitude, love, and friendship. Gifts will be remembered for a long time or a lifetime. Some of the common occasions are Birthday, Marriage, Anniversaries, Festivals, Personal Celebrations, etc.

Prior to my summer vacation, my mom and dad have promised me that they will get a surprise gift for me. Around the same time, my mom was looking for replacing her 2-year-old mobile.

They started looking for a simple mobile to suit her needs mainly to receive and to call when needed.

At the same time, my summer vacation started. My mom and dad took me to a Samsung exclusive showroom. After looking at the standard ones, they started looking at smartphones. You know they took “Samsung Galaxy”. My mom said it is too expensive and was not in need. But my dad said it’s for Sathvick with terms and conditions that this summer he uses it as a gaming console and you use it as a phone.

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It was a Big Surprise Gift this summer. Samsung Galaxy was my gift. I like it the most because of its look and feel, and its awesome features. It has a touch screen, a fantastic camera with video recording, an excellent music player, an FM radio, a bundle of wonderful apps and a marvelous gaming box. We also got many paid games. I played games like Temple Run 1 and 2, Fruit Ninja, Piano Perfect, and other mind-boggling games.

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Most of my holidays were spent with Galaxy mobile.

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The Power of Giving: Meaningful Gifts for Special Occasions
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