My best educational experience Essay

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My best educational experience

My best educational experience was learning to drive my car. My [insert figure name] taught me how to understand the basics of driving as well as defensive driving. He or she would always state that driving was a big responsibility. I always wondered why driving a car could be a responsibility and I learned it very slowly during my driving course in school. Our instructor stated that driving was a two-way encounter with others and your own vehicle. He did not allow us to get into a car until we understood the rules of the road. For instance, did you know that you must wear a seatbelt no matter what?

And it’s also important to check under and in your car before cranking the ignition? I never thought that stuff was important unless it was in a movie. After he ensured us that it was for our safety, I check to make sure I’m okay. Learning the rules of the road was an easy task. We had to learn about the signal lights, lines of the roads, and basics of driving with others. My vision test (signal lights and signs) was a breeze because the signs were so easy to remember. At first, I could not remember which sign meant construction workers and pedestrians; now I can recognize any sign that involves individuals crossing my path.

Learning how to drive a car also meant learning how to understand my car. Our driving instructor taught us the general structure of a car by posting pictures and having actual parts in our class. Each day, we learned a new part and how it functions in our car. The third day of class was our messiest; he brought a transmission into our classroom with oil on it. He stated that our cars would not be able to move if our transmission did not work. I really didn’t know that before he told me – and it makes me wonder how naive I would have been without knowing it.

By the end of the seven weeks, our instructor took us on the road. I was the 12th driver listed for an on-road exam for my permit. I was very nervous because I had to get on the road with other experienced drivers. My instructor told me to be careful and relax. I relaxed then I was careful with my driving. I realized that being ‘uptight’ about the situation could make things worse. Driving a car was not surgery (even though our instructor made it seem that way). Driving was an enjoyment because I could determine my destinations.

If I wanted to get away and go to the beach, all I had to do is crank my car and fill up the tank. The freedom of driving has taught me how to appreciate my time. By having access to a vehicle, I realized that I was fortunate to feel comfortable behind a wheel. Cars are a big responsibility and I agree with [insert figure name]. It does take a responsible person to travel highways at high speeds in a vehicle. I’m glad that I was able to become one of those responsible people and learning to drive was an amazing experience – it taught me how to guide myself in the right direction.

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