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My assignment Essay

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My assignment is to do a pop-up book of my choice and I chose to do it on the teletubbies, as my little sister likes them and I have all the resources and research that I could get at home, also I will give the little book my little sister when it has all been completed. The teletubbies developed in America on the 26th February in 1995, it then became a big hit in the u. k a few months later. The teletubbies products are sold worldwide-everywhere and are very popular and are liked by younger children of both genders.

They are sold on the internet on auctions and official teletubbies websites. They are sold in retail outlets such as Argos, Index, Woolworth’s, Marks and Spencer’s, they are also sold on the market, and they are sold at most high street stores as they are a leading brand of toys. The people that I assume buy the most amount of teletubbies toys are adults, as they will be buying toys for the little kids for birthdays and Christmas and special occasions.

The type of people that I think the product of the teletubbies attract is younger children aged between two to 6 or 7 and I think that it will be attracted by both genders. The product and the actual teletubbies are extremely popular and I would say that they are one of the most popular toys around. There is a lot of competition on the market as younger kids also like toys and programmes like ‘The Tweenies’, ‘Postman Pat’, ‘Three little pigs’, ‘author’, and ‘Pingu the penguin’.

So although the teletubbies have a lot of competition, they are still very popular in the children’s eyes. Function My pop-up book needs to be colourful and have big writing and colourful writing so that it will be attractive and appeal to the children. My book hopefully will have touchy feely materials so again it will look attractive and appeal to the children. My book shall contain a maximum of three mechanisms, and the purpose of my project is too entertain and teach the younger and this will mean give them skills in things like reading, writing, colours and shapes.

Etc. The thing that might fail is the making of my pop-up book is the making of the mechanisms, and the way that I will make sure that it does not fail is by test them a few times, like try them over and over, and also make sure that all the sides are glued down properly and also make sure that it is fixed to the right and that all the measurements are the same. Size, w+s. When making my pop-up book I will have to make sure that all the sides of the actual book and mechanisms are all the same size.

I will also have to make sure that the weight is easily light so that the little children who read the book will be able carry the book with them where ever they want too. Also if the book is heavy parents will not buy the book for the child as thy will think that the book will not be suitable for the child, so if it is light in weight then the parents will buy the book for the child and the child will find it easy to carry about.

The shape of the book will need to be a suitable shape as if I do silly shapes then there will be lots of sharp corners, and I do not want to have sharp corners on my book because of the safety of the children, I do not yet know what shape I will have my book but I would like it to be fancier than just a square shape. Durability I will expect my book to last a very long time and as little kids do bite a lot of stuff and suck toys and books I will use tough materials such as corrugated cardboard.

The materials that I will like to use are tough and strong materials but I do not want this to affect the cost and sales of my product. The cost of the materials will definitely determine this as if I buy cheap and not strong or tough materials then they will be easily bitten or ripped by the little children, but if I buy strong and tough materials and a pay a little bit more, then it will be harder and more difficult to rip, this will be dearer but will be worth it in the long run as I will get more parents buying the book and this will increase profits and then I will beable afford the materials.

Aesthetics These are the images that my target market will require: Red, green, blue, orange, yellow, purple, brown, pink, fuchsia, aqua, turquoise, grey, lime, teal and black. These are the types/styles of writing that I could use in my book, some are unsuitable and I will explain why: Times new roman-suitable as it is plain and clear and easy for the kids to read. Imprint mt shadow-not very suitable as it isn’t very clear for the kids to read. Bauhaus 93-not very suitable for kids as it is unclear to read.

Accent-not very suitable but it is fairly clear. Alfredo’s dance-not very clear so it is unsuitable for kids. Batang-clear and suitable for kids reading. Lucida console-clear and spaced out so that I will be very suitable for children. Tahoma-also clear and spaced out writing so will be easy to read. Goudy stout-easy but not clear. Ktisten itc-nice writing but not too clear and suitable for kids. The texture of my book will be all different materials, and will be included on the materials page, but the textures will be soft, smooth, rough, shiny and more.

The patterns of this will be all different, there will be patterns that younger children would be interested in or what would appeal to them, such as colourful ones. All of the patterns and styles will all appeal to the actual sale of the book. I will not use fashion trends as the teletubbies do not have fashion trends but I will use all the original characters and all their trends e. g. tinky winky carries a hand bag, po rides on a scooter, laa laa has a football and dipsy has a hat, so I will use all of these.

I would make my product easy to use by making the pages big and thick so it is easy to turn for the younger children to turn. I will measure my little sisters hand span so that I will know about the size that other little children and then I can make a book smaller so that it will be easily carried around by youngsters. The height of the book will not be very big as there will be really small children looking at the book so it can’t be too big, the book will not be too small so it will be the right size of the children reading it.

The mechanisms will be easy to use and will be sensible to the younger children, the vision of the book will be sensible and clear. The grip of the book will also be easy to hold, for all of these I will need to consider anthropometric data on the human form. Safety I will definitely need to consider safety in the making, producing and selling of my book. The safety of the children will be very important, as I can’t have sharp edges/corners, or things that children can pull off and put in their mouths.

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