My Analysis of World Wildlife Foundation Ad

I chose this World Wildlife Foundation advertisement because the simple straightforward meaning behind it has such a huge impact on our environment of using too much of the worlds resources for our conveniences. In this advertisement there is a paper towel dispenser filled with green paper towels in a white dispenser with the words “Save Paper, Save the Planet” next to the World Wildlife Foundations logo of a panda on the top. In the center of the paper towel dispenser there is a see through cut-out of Africa showing the green paper towels slowly going down as you use them.

To me this is a very significant advertisement it is for an important animal foundation which helps save animals endangered and not in jeopardy of being endangered across the planet, this one is specifically directed toward the rainforest and animals in Africa. The World Wildlife Foundations does many things from helping the progressing restrains on cutting down the precious rain forests for the world’s pleasure and never thinking of the possible repercussions of this seemingly simple task.

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They are also very well known for putting out ads and awareness issues for the world that is not usually seen or known by the normal citizen. The effectiveness of this advertisement is incredible it is so simple and cleaver, showing what the consumer is “using” or as I would say destroying for their pleasure. I believe it’s mainly directed towards the consumer that could possibly use the new electric hand dryers instead of a precious resource to dry their hands.

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Nowadays there is so much progressing technology for the solution to the problem of cutting down rainforest such as hand dryers, recycling paper, and renewable resources. This advertisement definitely works for the point that it is trying to get across to the public for the problem presented.

The ad is very well presented showing how the hand towels start going down through the see through cut-out of Africa, basically showing that when you use them you are using the rainforest to dry your hands. Kind of makes you feel selfish? I think so. Also the significance of the green paper towels could be attempting to state that the world needs to turn green for us to be able to keep living the way that we do, by using renewable resources and cutting back on these luxuries that we use everyday of our lives. Although this is a small piece of the huge problem of paper usage it the world it can very easily be diminished or completely cut out of the consumers everyday life. The ad overall to me is very effective thus why I chose it to start with, I believe if we have more awareness like this around in the united states it might make citizens starting to think more about where and what they use everyday and if they really need to use it or how they could cut back on using it so much, This has made me change my thinking about it. Will it make you change?

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My Analysis of World Wildlife Foundation Ad

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