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My Ambition to Be a Software Engineer

He stares at me. Look at these sentences, Farmers plough the paddy field. Farmers plough in the paddy field. She speaks English. She speaks in English. This is the way; we form plural verbs into singular. 1. Most of the plural verbs form their singular by adding S to the plural verbs. Ex. Speak – Speaks Come – comes Love – loves www. eduLanka. com — 1 — eduLanka Online English education 2. If a plural, verb ends in [ss,ch,sh,x,o] we form the singular by adding es to the plural.

Ex. Catch – catches Wash – washes 3.

If a plural verb ends in a Y following a component to the form the singular Y changes into I and add ES. Ex. Study – studies Fly – flies But sometimes Play – plays Say – says Verb has basically three forms. Some verbs can give below: Base Form Bet burst Cost Cut Let Split Beat Bring Bleed Come Dig Creep Catch Dream Get Light Lose Meet Pay Keep Have Past Tense bet burst cost cut let split beat brought bled came dug crept caught dreamt got lit lost met paid kept had Past Participle bet burst cost cut let split beaten brought bled came dug crept caught dreamt got lit lost met paid kept had ww.

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eduLanka. com — 2 — eduLanka Online English education Make Find Leave Mean Run Say Send Sell Be Give Go made found left meant ran said sent sold was gave went made found left meant run said sent sold been given gone Online education lessons From: www. edulanka. com www.

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eduLanka. com — 3 — eduLanka Online English education

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