How to wright the essay "My Aim in Life"

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It is more likely that the essay “My aim in life” is an admission one. It means that you will write it when applying to a college/university. However, if you are a freshman, your tutor can assign the essay “My aims in life” to check your writing and thinking skills. Anyway, you have to be ready to disclose this essay topic. On the one hand, the essay “My aim in life” does not seem to be difficult. You just need to write about yourself and your goals.

However, some students may face certain difficulties with writing on such topic.

It can happen if you did not really think about your true aims, about those goals that you want to achieve and that would be really important for you. That is why the essay “My aims in life” can be extremely helpful. It will help you sort out your feelings and desires. You have a perfect opportunity to think about your future in essays “My aim in life”.

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What are some specific issues that you have to think about when writing the essay “My aim in life”? First of all, think about your dreams and wishes. I do not mean wishes like going to MacDonald’s next week or going to the sea in summer.

I mean those dreams and wishes for the far future. At least, you have to imagine yourself in 5 years. What would you like to be? What would you like to do? Write about it in your essay “My aim in life”. Perhaps you have somebody who gives you a good example of the way the life should be. Write about this person in your essays “My aim in life”. For instance, you adore Mother Teresa for her good intentions and deeds. This can suggest you a lot of ideas for your own aims in life. So, I think that the essay “My aim in life” is a really useful one. It allows you to set at least approximate goals for the future.

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