My Adventures in Finding a Job and the Achievements I Got from My Job

My journey started when i realized that my need for a greater income became more apparent. I wanted to buy items that i needed so that i did not have to put my financial burdens on my mother and father anymore. The need to ask my parents was not a task that i particularly enjoyed I never liked asking them for money because i morally felt bad for asking. That is when i decided it was time for me to get a job.

My mother and I began searching for a job that would suit my particular taste I did not want a job that had nothing to do with people, or in a factory, I find I am a very people-oriented person, and I would dread a job that i could not interact with other people. So that limited my search to look for jobs that generally interacted with the public, such as grocery stores, restaurants, and retail stores. I put in applications at many places I continually called those places to check in on my application and to make sure i was still being considered for a job.

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Weeks passed, and i still had not heard from the places where I put my applications in it was starting to look quite grim i was not sure if I was ever going to get a job. This discouraged me greatly, then one day, I finally got a call back from one of the jobs that i had applied to. A small restaurant, a mom-and-pop place where all kinds of people eat at.

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The restaurant is right on the lake, easy access to water and from the road. The restaurant has a homey feeling inside, with a few TVs around the bar to watch the game and hang out, the patio has a few tables and a bar to eat outside on a lovely day. The dining room has the most comfortable atmosphere and sweet-mannered waitresses, that work hard and try to make you feel as at home as possible. This would end up being my place of future employment.

My first day on thejob was a very eventful and exciting day I met all of the wonderful employees and started my training I first was shown where all the different dishes and utensils went. Then my night really started and I began doing my first load of dishes. I finished pretty quickly then everything really picked up. The restaurant’s dinner rush hit me like a ton of bricks and unfortunately, i was backed up the rest of the night. Closing time was not very exciting, i was worn out and did not even want to move anymore. I kept going though and finally got caught up on regular dishes, then finished the kitchen dishes. Going home at the end of the night was the most glorious feeling ever even though i was mentally and physically exhausted.

Even though the next 2 weeks were the hardest weeks of my life so far, i kept going the two-week probation period of no pay was horrible I felt like i was working for nothing and was never going to get paid. The Tuesday after that period when i went to work and was handed my first paycheck was the most amazing day ever, the thought of knowing i worked for that money and that all of it was mine made work that much easier to go to the next day. My first paycheck was spent on flowers and a card for my mom and dad to thank them for everything they have done for me. My adventure in getting a job taught me a few things about myself I have been molded into a new person and it gave me a sense of accomplishment that only doing something for yourself can give you.

I am extremely proud of myself for moving forward and getting done what was needed. Getting a job has shown me that there is more to life than just being in school and hanging out with friends, I now know that there is a lot more responsibility needed in life than what I have ever thought. I have started taking things more seriously and working much harder on everything i put my mind to. I am proud to say that i am a productive citizen of society. All in all i have changed as a person. Many struggles have been fought through and made very successful a job is a huge accomplishment so far in my life I am very glad I made the push to do something to better myself and the people around me.

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